Q: “Are simple wedding shoes right for your nuptials?”

Simple shoes have their charm also and they are very appropriate when the bride has a lot of accessories or when the dress is too complex and elaborate. In such cases, these wedding shoes would complete in a beautiful manner the bridal apparel, without making it too flashy and too over the top.

But if you will wear a nice and elegant simple dress that will reveal your shoes, i.e. a short or medium wedding dress, then you must wear something glamorous and full of elegance in your feet.

It is necessary to have some wedding shoes that would speak for themselves and that would characterize you as a modern, powerful, yet delicate lady. Otherwise, if you are going to wear a simple dress matched with a simple pair of shoes, your bridal look will be too dull and pale and your appearance is likely to pass unobserved.

However, if you will have a long wedding frock that will hide your legs completely, then you may pick whatever pair of shoes you may like. Thus, the trick you should use, in case you wouldn’t desire to put emphasis on the wedding shoes would be to purchase a long bridal dress. It is very simple to hide something, you just have to know the technique and then to apply it successfully.

We should also mention that a simple pair of bridal shoes is very elegant and glamorous as well. After all, everyone regards a certain item with different eye, to be more precise everybody has a different way of perceiving things. Thus, if you like something (be it simple or highly embellished) you should definitely go for it, because your opinion is the one that matters.

In short, simple wedding shoes are very appropriate for your nuptials; you will just have to know how to wear them and how to combine them with the other elements of your bridal look.