5 Key Elements to the Most Perfect Garden Wedding

From start to finish, planning a wedding can be a tiring and stressful task.  And one of your first decisions you have to make is deciding on a theme for the big day. From ultra-modern to shabby-chic, there are so many varieties of wedding day style. Since the warmer months are creeping in, we’ve decided to shine a light on garden weddings and some of the key elements you need to create that very magical and romantic affair. Transform an average celebration into one filled with florals, beauty and a fairy-tale quality. For the most perfect garden wedding, you’ll want these 5 additions to help with the transformation.

A Floral Chuppah at the Ceremony.

Floral Wedding Chuppah

Even if you’re saying your I do’s in front of a gorgeous field of flowers or in the midst of a botanical garden, bring those florals in closer and surround yourself with some colorful, lush favorites. A chuppah isn’t only for Jewish ceremonies, they can be used to stylizing purposes only too and for a more fairy-tale like quality, you’ll want something like this hovering over you and your groom.

A Floral Signature Cocktail at the Reception. 

Rose Signature Cocktails

Take your theme full throttle and add it to you food and drink too. Every couple needs a signature cocktail to remember their day and when your day is all about the flowers then why not try out a rose or lavender-infused drink? It’s unique, they’re delicious and every guests will remember the detailing.

A Floral Cascade on  your Wedding  Cake.

A Floral wedding cake

Don’t forget to add some floral detailing to the cake either. Your guests should fill like they’re walking into a dream. If you’re envisioning a garden-theme wedding, then you’ll need to try and turn your entire celebration into your very own garden with your very own bridal style.

A Floral Crown for the Bride. 

Floral wedding crown

Top the bride off with a gorgeous and picturesque floral crown. It’s only appropriate that the lady at the center of it all be accented with some flowers too. Go big or just add a dainty arrangement to your look, either way this is a detail that mustn’t be missed!

A Boho Wedding Gown at the Center of it All. 

Bohemian Wedding Gown

When we envision a romantic garden wedding, we see the bride in a flowing, bohemian-inspired gown. There’s something soft and whimsical about these gowns which fit perfectly inside a garden and floral-dressed celebration. Explore colors and textures, but make sure you’re finding something that tangible and charming without being too stiff.


photos via SMP