Our Predictions: Four Wedding Trends That Are Going to Explode in 2018

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new… year, and we’re really feelin’ these new wedding trends.

If you haven’t been scouring Pinterest or the bridal blogs, then you may not be up to speed on the newest fashions, ideas, and “I do” decor. Although it’s always a great choice to go with timeless and traditional options, you’ll want to educate yourself on the most up-to-date in the wedding world. And what we’ve compiled below is what’s about to hit the scene and absolutely blow the minds of all the blushing brides-to-be.

Let’s dive in and take a look around. You may just want to scoop up some of the creativity or something may strike your fancy and inspire your own big day. There’s new food, there’s fresher petals and a lot of wonderful texture to choose from.

Four Wedding Trends That Are About to Explode

Marble Everything


Marble is taking the fashion and interior design worlds by storm, so it was only natural that it spilled over into weddings as well. From cakes to table runners, this textural, chic print is climbing the charts in popularity.

It’s also extremely versatile too. We expect to see pops of marble surrounding weddings with a contemporary twist or even events that have a more bohemian ethos.

Extra-Large, Lush Blooms


Extra-large blooms have been trending for a while, but we’re about to see it combined with all of that flowing greenery brides have been loving too. Put those two accents together and you’ll have the lushest of all bouquets to swoon for.

Watch how richer tones also take the reigns beside all of that fresh greenery. This bold sense of floral design will really make its mark this year.

Copper Colors


From copper silverware to copper ribbon wrapping the bride’s bouquet, this tone will blend in so beautifully with your wedding. Whether you’re aiming for a modern-glam event or a celebration filled with unique, farmhouse quality, this metal shade will do the trick.

Even your stationery can be dressed in the warm color if you’d like. Pair it will black or navy for a chic finish.

Geometric Accents


Add the most unexpected of accents by introducing geo shapes to your tablescapes. These additions are a great way to infuse fashion-forward energy and modern appeal to any nook or cranny of the celebration.

They pair especially well with metallic shades and rich, bold tones. From the cake to the bridal jewelry, it’s a beautiful balance along with all of the delicacy surrounding the day.

Others To Watch Out For

Donuts: It’s the “it” food of the moment. Add them to the dessert table or make an entire “donut” bar for your guests to enjoy.

Velvets: This soft, sultry fabric has made a comeback in the fashion world so it’s only natural that we see it breakthrough to our brides as well. From the table runners to the bridesmaids’ gowns, we’ll see it peeking this year.

Modern Styling: We’ve been so used to “shabby chic” weddings that we nearly forgot about its counterpart. Modern styles will leap back into action soon enough.

Macrame: Bohemian vibes have been filling the wedding world as well. We’ll see a lot of macrame hitting the scene in unsuspecting ways this year.

Drip Cakes: Traditional cakes are beautiful and naked, bare cakes were a big trend in recent years. Now, drip cakes are leading the pack. They look delicious but they’re also a piece of unique art at the reception!