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The Top 10 Wedding Makeup Mistakes… And How to Prevent Them

If there was one day of your life to follow some beauty rules, it’s your wedding day. Before you dive into the deep end of the makeup counter, we’re helping you stop the problems before they even start.

Let’s check out the top 10 wedding makeup mistakes around and how to prevent them before they ruin your mood or your photos.

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top wedding makeup mistakes

Must-Use Forgotten Products

1. Use Waterproof Mascara:

This one is easy. Don’t let emotions ruin your makeup! Go waterproof!

You might not be the “crying” type, but why be surprised? A wedding is precisely the event when even the smallest of incidents can trigger the “waterfall”. Be prepared with waterproof mascara.

Most of the time, your favorite brand with carry a waterproof version so it’s a stress-free shopping experience too.

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2. Add Powder:

Be sure to apply a good quality translucent powder over your foundation to set your makeup.

If you don’t, your makeup will look good the first couple of hours, but then will fade away along with the rest of your makeup! That’s not something you want on the most important day of your life with a photographer on standby no less.

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3. Remember Eyeshadow Base:

You know very well what happens from your experience with everyday makeup: your eyeshadow will look good for about two hours. Afterwards, it starts to collect in the creases of eyelids or simply fade away completely!

Don’t let it happen to you on your wedding day. Use eyeshadow base before ever applying the shadow.

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4. Invest In Makeup Setting Spray:

Model in a Bottle is a makeup artist’s best kept secret! Spray, set and go. It sets any makeup in any weather.

And it’s especially good for beach weddings, destination weddings or summertime weddings where you’ll be faced with a hot, humid climate. No-melting makeup for the perfect bride!

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5. Eyebrow Maintenance Too Close To The Wedding Day:

Don’t wait till the last minute to wax your eyebrows. Have them done at least 4 days before the wedding to give them a chance to heal.

This one doesn’t seem obvious, but when we’re nervous, your skin becomes 10 times more sensitive. If you’ve never had breakouts or red bumps after having your eyebrows waxed, you might very well get them now when you are a bit more sensitive!

Don’t chance it!

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6. Get Your Lips “Kiss” Ready:

Use sugar scrubs and vaseline leading up to your big day. This will keep the chapped lips at bay and the supple pucker ready to do some pouncing.

Also, stay away from those “long lasting” lipsticks. They tend to cause a lot of drying and cracking.

Instead, outline your lips first with a lip pencil, apply lipstick and blot with a folded tissue. Re-apply color. This will leave a lot of pigment on your lips and the lipstick will stay on longer. And, of course, don’t forget to add a bit of gloss!

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Extra Tricks & Tips

7. Don’t Put Foundation On Your Bare Skin:

You absolutely must add a moisturizer before you apply foundation.

Applying it to your bare skin won’t work because it won’t hold, and it will “suffocate” your pores. You don’t want your face to break out the next morning on the way to the honeymoon!

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8. Stay Away From Wax-Based Pencil Liners:

Wax-based pencil liners will melt! Instead, use cake or gel eyeliner that will stay put until you take it off.

Remember, especially if you’re marrying during the warmer months or in a humid climate, all of your sense will be heightened which means more sweat. You don’t want melting eye makeup when you say, “I do.”

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9. Don’t Pencil On Your Brows:

For a contemporary look, use eyebrow powder to ensure that your eyebrows look well-defined, yet natural, and will not melt or fade away.

What’s worse than having your eyebrows melt or smear off in the middle of the reception? Oh yes, photo evidence that it happened.

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The Biggest Wedding Makeup Mistake: Even Out That Skin!

10. Don’t forget to use foundation:

When taking wedding photos, the light bounces off your face in a funny way. When the skin tone is evened out with the foundation, there is a much better light impact.

Foundation is your key to a picture-perfect look. Even if you have flawless skin, it won’t show in photographs unless you apply the foundation. Make sure not to make this wedding makeup mistake, because, in the end, you’ll have the memories but you want the photos hung in the house for all to see!

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