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Destination Wedding: Is it the Right Choice?

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Destination weddings are becoming an option that more and more brides are considering for their wedding day. Images of tropical beaches, the Italian countryside, or snow-covered mountains might be flashing through your head as the ideal setting to say your I-Dos. But before you get swept away in dreams of getting married in an exotic location, you’ll want to consider if this way to tie the knot is right you, your families, and your guests.

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If you’re considering a destination wedding it’s likely that you’re excited about saying your vows in an exotic location.Think about the atmosphere that you’re looking for. Maybe you like the laid-back, carefree, island vibe that the Caribbean offers, or is it the big city energy that you’ll find in a metropolis? If you’re considering a location that you’ve never visited, take the time to do plenty of research, or connect with a travel agent early in the planning process to help determine if it’s a good fit for your style.

A destination wedding is a great choice for couples looking for a small, intimate ceremony. You’ve always got the option of having a reception when you get home to celebrate your marriage with a larger group of friends. This allows you to keep your guest list short, while not hurting anyone’s feelings in the process. Many couples also find a destination wedding to be a great option when they have family located all over the country. Guests are going to have to travel no matter where the ceremony is held, so why not travel someplace exotic?

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You may find it surprising, but a destination wedding is often easier on the pocket book than a traditional wedding. You’ll likely have fewer guests, which results in lower costs for big-ticket expenses like food and drinks. Many destination wedding locations offer wedding packages that can be customized into a very unique, personalized event, while still offering planning and décor at a reduced cost. Resorts may even throw in bonus hotel nights or wedding upgrades depending how many rooms are booked in your group.

On the other hand, have you always dreamed about a big, lavish wedding, surrounded by hundreds of your closest family and friends? If that’s the case you’ll probably want to stay away from a destination locale. Guests are normally expected to pay their own airfare and hotel expenses when attending a destination wedding, so sometimes it’s not financially feasible for everyone to make the trip. If you can’t stand the thought of all of your loved ones not being able to celebrate with you, try having a simple ceremony at home and save your money for an exotic honeymoon instead!

destination honeymoon secluded island
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If you do decide that a destination wedding is right for you, congrats! You’re embarking on an exciting adventure. Enlist the help of a travel agent and a destination wedding planner to ensure all your travel and ceremony details are taken care of. Before you know it you’ll be saying I-Do in the exotic location you’ve always dreamed about!


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