Colored table cards for weddings

Do colors inspire your life and you want them to inspire your wedding too? Here`s a suggestion with colors! You can order these cards if you want to, or you can make them by your own hands with patience and many friends around you! Colors with flowers go very nice and this idea regards both motifs! Make a vase out of colored cardboard and on top of the vase you can apply some flowers made also of cartoon! The idea is tempting idea, isn`t it? you can put the guests’ names both on the vase or on the flowers, it`s your choice!


Fruits also give the idea of color. So, what about some grapes? Some plastic made grapes on which you put a card, simple and white! What colors suit better this branch of grapes? Definitely green and purple or pink!

As you can see, for creating colorful cards, cardboard seems to be the perfect material! You can also make some presents and put something sweet in them, and on top you can place the colorful card! Make sure the gift is lively colored and use happy motifs on it, the same thing should be done in the case of the card on top!
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Daisies are also nice to be placed on the table; you can make these flowers, of course, out of cartoon, in what colors you like, you can stick in the centre of the flower a small plastic pearl, it will make it precious! In the middle of the flower you can also write the guests` names! You can apply for many daisies that are like in a branch, united in petals!


Another suggestion can be making a card in shape of a postcard, place any kind of shapes you want on the exterior, maybe use flowers made out of textile fabric and inside the guests can find there names written with colored letters! The idea involves a playful character, and if you`re such a person, go for it!

If you want to use colors at your wedding, but you`re not too daring, you can avoid motifs very well, and be original in the same time by using simple cardboards colored in your favorite nuance and use a funny type of writing!

A funny and original idea is probably this one: making some funny beach slippers in your favorite colors and on one side of these slippers you add the card, on which you write innocently “for you!” Certainly your guests will admire the courage you had!

Does the seashore inspire you a lot? This card certainly is designed for you! Use some square cards in marine colors and in one corner you add a sea star with a blue ribbon on it! Also you can apply for clams and mermaids or funny fish!


As you can see there are many suggestions! The color area seems to be a field that has the most inspirations! You can inspire from these hints, combine them and see what results!