5 Wedding Styles That Go With A Classic, Bridal Ball Gown

When you dawn a ball gown on your big day, there are certain wedding styles you can easily take route to. Highlight, compliment and add to your theme by taking in and thinking about all of the little details. From classic to wintery, let’s take a peek at 5 visions that can round out your ensemble choice and make the most of your fashion choice.


Ball gowns aren’t always associated with the warmer months, at least not if you’re saying, “I do,” outdoors. But really, if you can find the right gown, made of the right fabrics, you can sashay down the aisle in a Swiss dot inspiration or linen creation. Make sure your dress has a flowing appeal and completed with material that’s lighter and breathes easier. In the end, you’ll get a breathier overall style but still something very bridal and appealing.

Outdoor Summertime Wedding Ball Gown


If you’re more a traditional bride, you may want to go with a more classic design. A-line skirts, a dash of sparkle and a beautiful veil can round out your timeless vision. Add some pink and white around the celebration to add even more romance and classic appeal. There’s nothing more quintessentially bridal than a tulle skirt and a flowing skirt.
Classic Wedding Ball Gown


Of course, there will always be brides that dream of feeling like a princess on her wedding day. And we believe you should! Hair that flows with soft curls in the wind, ball gowns tinted in blush or golden tones and ultra feminine details sprinkled around the entire celebration. Don’t be shy when you feel the need to act like royalty; this is the day to do it!

Princess Wedding Ball Gown


You’re ball gown can also inspire some gorgeous, vintage flavors. From sleek satins reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn to soft, 1950’s cuts, you can still dawn a full skirt on the day you walk down the aisle – even if you want a day full of old-age spirits. Just make sure to think about every detail of the day from your makeup to the invitations!

Vintage Wedding Ball Gown


The colder months of the year call for a bit of coverage. Whether you’re thinking about illusion sleeves full of lace or covering you bare shoulders with some faux fur, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the season’s trends in a very bridal way. Don’t allow the weather to limit your options, instead, use it to your benefits when styling and accessorizing.

Winter Wedding Ball Gown

photos via SMP