Different styles for bridal makeup and hairstyles

We know just how difficult it is to make up your mind on the details regarding the bridal day. Do you have in mind what kind of hairstyle would you love to apply for in the bridal day? Well, make sure that it’s also suitable and you have the right hair for realizing it. Are you intending on to apply for an updo or for a romantic hairstyle? Or you were thinking that it would be a great idea to use a tiara for adorning the bridal hairstyle? What seems the most appropriate for you? Well, we’ve got some ideas on how you can arrange your hair in the bridal day, the only thing remaining is for you to decide on which of these you want to apply for, but it’s better to try them on first!

different styles for bridal makeup and hairstylesCredit
Different styles for bridal makeup and hairstyles

So, are you the daring kind of bride? Many women love strong colors and they shouldn’t have limits when it comes to the chromatic area in their bridal day. The black contour of the eyes and the lid “painted” with pink and gold are going to emphasize your personality truly. The lips…. These can be seductive due to the texture of the lipstick and if the bridal jewelry set has in it crystals or pearls, why shouldn’t you observe these details on the surface of the lashes?
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To all of these ideas we add the bridal hairstyle that we imagine you having. We were thinking of some waves that look really sexy and daring and in combination with the rest of the details, the final visual effect is indeed outstanding.

Are you the kind of bride who would rather apply for a fresh look in the bridal day? Well, we don’t see why you shouldn’t take into account our tips for the bridal makeup.

Besides the bridal makeup that has an incomparable quality, the freshness of a bride can be sustained as well by the colors of her bridal makeup. We think of youth and elegance, in tones of purple, lilac or even pink that create a harmony and that can hide with success your tiredness, even after the moment you cut the cake. In addition, these emphasize in a pleasant manner all the iris colors. In order to have a successful visual effect, it’s important that the makeup foundation that you use is in a tone of sand beige.

As for the bridal hairstyle, we recommend you to let your hair loosened, or applying for an updo that is simple and doesn’t involve too much hard work.

Would you rather apply for a more angelic look as a bride? Here’s how we imagine you looking like in this case: use false eye lashes, but not in an outrageous size, ones that create an interesting effect and in perfect harmony with the bridal gowns. In addition, you should create a contrastive effect between the tanned complexion that can be emphasized with golden sparkle. The lips can also be shiny in white – gold, and the makeup of the lid can be realized with white, gold and an easy shadow on the lid.

The bridal hairstyle can consist of a pony tail, but not total! Make sure that there are some locks of hair left underneath this tail and you’ll see that the final visual effect is indeed outstanding.

Our last suggestion of bridal makeup and hairstyle has a little bit of vintage inspiration, being similar to the manner in which Jackie Kennedy looked in the bridal day. So, if you’re looking for a more mature approach of the bridal day, then this is the way to do it. We recommend you to contour the eyes with the help of black and liquid eyeliner with a line traced in the corner of the eye that is meant to create an interesting effect, really sensual in the same time. Also, red lips are always going to be in trend and we recommend you to look as if you have natural shadowed cheeks with the help of a blush with a more common tone.

As for the bridal hairstyle, the only thing that remains is for you to take into account a look that is bases on waves and maybe create an updo and use a tiara in the front side. In this manner you ought to create that retro look that we have been mentioning about previously!