Trendy natural make-up for your wedding day

In the last topic we suggested a glamorous look with a vintage touch and we know that most of you ladies really enjoyed reading it. Also that type of make-up is really fashionable in these days and we would like that you take our suggestion in consideration.

trendy natural make-up for your wedding day

There is a category of ladies that imagine a more natural look in their wedding day and for them we have a special look also: it’s refined and it has a simple aspect and you don’t need many make-up products in order to realize it. Also you can create it with your own hands and you don’t need the help of a specialist hand in order to create it.
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We hope that you enjoy reading this article as well and maybe in the future time you tell us that you really took into account our suggestions and that you felt really great in wearing this type of make-up or the previous one.

So this natural make-up is really nice and we will present all the cosmetics you need and also their tones too. Pay attention and read carefully!

The make-up foundation is really close in tone with your natural skin color; just don’t apply for a really light make-up basis. Look at the nuance of the cleavage skin area and accordingly to that you may choose the appropriate color for you. Spread the make-up foundation on your entire face and make sure that you have a really enlightened aspect.

The next step refers to the blush. It is very important that you have a touch of color on your cheeks. Take a peach blush be it powder or cream and spread it carefully on your cheek bones, but do it so that it looks as if you just blushed some moments ago. It shouldn’t look that obvious….

Another important aspect is to apply just a little bit of illuminator in the middle area of your face: around your nose, on your forehead and on the area underneath the lips.

trendy natural make-up for your wedding day2

The eyes are really important too. Apply for a really natural eye color tone, which isn’t too shimmering; it should look as if you didn’t put any color there. Put this eye color under the arcade and spread it on the entire upper eyelid; in the exterior corner of the eyes you may apply for a darker nuance as to highlight your sight; there’s also a variant in which you can continue with the darker eye color below the eyes also in the exterior corner. The last step is to apply a small quantity of mascara only on the upper eyelashes and so you obtained the natural look on the eye area.

Another thing that’s important: the eyebrows. Take a small brush and begin playing with it in your eyebrow hairs and you can finish with applying a really natural tone of crayon and this will make the look complete.

You shouldn’t forget about the lips: apply a really natural tone of lip gloss or lipstick, but don’t make these shine too much. You need to have a fresh look and youthful in the dame time.