Methods for waxing

Being a woman isn`t easy at all! Just think of the things women endure: being pregnant, taking care of make-up daily (doing, redoing, and cleaning), epilating their legs, hands and other hairy areas…. Well, these are only some things that women have to cope with; there are also other things, and men must admit they are lucky not to do pass through these things….


An important aspect in a woman`s life, after puberty is waxing. How do you do it? When do you do it? What products do you use in doing it? These are some basic questions and you`ll certainly receive your answers in the lines to come….

The easiest way of getting rid of unwanted hair is by shaving it! The razor has always been the fastest product to use in this chapter! You can use it both on your legs, the intimate area, the axils and that`s about all! One major disadvantage regarding this product is that of the fast growth of hair! By using the razor your hair will begin to grow in the next day! The razor is the product perfect in the day you use it! But if you don`t have any other means of waxing, make sure you use a moisture to hydrate your skin after you use the razor! And certainly you shouldn`t use the razor on your face area, you already know that, but it`s a major thing that needs to be mentioned! You wouldn`t like to look like a man, would you?

Another method of waxing is by using a special cream! It`s fast, but not as fast as using the razor! It may smell weird when you apply it, but after you wash it out, you skin will smell wonderful, and if you apply a moisture cream after, your feet will be silky smooth! You can apply this cream on the legs, the axils, hands, intimate areas and that`s about it! what`s the difference between the razor and this cream?

Well, the cream burns the hair on the exterior part and the razor just cuts it! How much the waxing effect does resist when using cream? About 2 or 3 days, it`s not such a big difference between the razor and the cream!

Products based on sugar and wax are effective, but if you don`t like pain, make sure you avoid them! The result is a couple of weeks without hair in the areas you use it! It may be wonderful, but make sure you apply these products properly, not to have problems; you may go to a salon if you have money! If you don`t have enough money for going to a salon, you can ask a friend of yours to apply the wax on the area you need! These hot products are the most effective in the chapter of waxing, and you should remind that!

Another product for waxing is your own gadget! You can obtain such a gadget online or from shops! You can use it in any are you like, but you can get skin disease if you use it too often! Avoid it as much as possible! And most of all, avoid using other`s gadgets! It isn`t sanitary!

These were only some methods of waxing, presented in general, in the articles to come, you`ll get much more details regarding this subject and surely you`ll be very keen on it!