Easy Ways To Squeeze In A Workout Before Your Wedding Day


We know the feeling. You schedule time to workout in the week, but before you know it the slot has been double and triple booked. You need to meet your wedding planner, or stay late at work, and despite your desire to get training you just can’t seem to find the time.

We want to share some simple ways to make exercising a part of your week and even a part of your everyday. Some of these points will require a change in your mind set whereas others will be more practical. By combining these all, we are certain we can help you get on track with your fitness goals.

Make it a priority

Too many people let exercising be an optional extra in their life. It is viewed as something to do in your spare time, and not necessary. People that are serious about fitness have a different mind set. They make fitness a priority and they give it the same importance that they would give to a business meeting or a dinner with close friends. Your fitness session is as important meeting with yourself. It is much-needed me-time in the week. If you start to adopt this mindset you will begin to find that excuses no longer get in the way of your scheduled workouts.

Get a personal trainer

If you have the right mindset, the next thing to do is to get a personal trainer. This is a sure fire way to make sure you don’t miss a workout and a great way to stay motivated. Rain or shine, good day or bad day, your trainer will expect you to show up to your sessions and you will be held accountable if you keep cancelling sessions.

Ditch the car

We all rely on either public transport or our cars far too much. As well as being terrible for the environment they are also terrible for our waistlines. By organizing your day better e.g. waking up earlier, we could all find the time to walk more regularly. This is especially important if you work in an office and are seated for most of the day. You will find a walk in the morning and evening will either energise or relax you, depending on your mood and help you to be more productive during your day.

Work out at work?

Many companies have now caught onto the fact that healthy employees are happy and productive employees. Many companies run fitness sessions for their employees, following the examples of leading giants like Google and Apple. Why not round up a group of colleagues and ask your employer to fund some company fitness sessions? They are relatively inexpensive and will help you bond with your colleagues during your lunch or before or after your working day.

Buy the dream dress

We believe that sometimes a bit of extra motivation (or shall we say fear!) is good for us all. Buy your dream dress, the dress that you imagine yourself in, well in advance of your big day. If you have a weight loss goal, this is a fantastic way to remain motivated. For example, if you are a size 14 but would love to be a size 12, this dress will be a constant reminder that you need to prioritise your health and fitness. Make sure your weight loss goals are realistic and you give yourself enough time to achieve them.  For example, dropping a dress size in six months is definitely achievable if you are working with a personal trainer.