Waxing with cream or razor

Waxing is essential as you already noticed before! It`s important what products you use, because it depends on them how you feel and how your legs feel! As it was mentioned in the last article using that particular gadget in excess may give you some extra visits to the dermatologist! What happens if you use the razor or cream?

Using the razor isn`t a bad thing for your legs, except the fact you`ll get some extra threads and you have to shave your legs once in a couple of days! That doesn`t suit you maybe, but you`ll certainly get a skin disease if you use it!

You can use the razor if you`re in a rush and in the next day you`ll certainly do the same thing! The razor helps have silky legs only in that particular day! If you add some body moisture on you you`ll certainly have sexy legs!

So, let`s take it in this way! What are the pros and cons of using the razor for waxing? Let`s start with the pros: certainly you`ll finish waxing in less then a half an hour, you won`t get rashes (only in the intimate area, maybe), you`ll be silky in that day, it`s cheap! And the cons: you can get some rashes if your skin is sensitive, but you can use moisture or some powder after, the hair grows faster and it`s double the quantity it was, you may get some cuts if you`re not careful! These being said, you decide whether or not to apply for the razor in the waxing process….

Cream is also an effective way of getting rid of hair, it`s also fast and not that expensive! What`s the difference between the cream and the razor? A difference can be that the cream is more expensive than the razor, it`s faster than the razor, it leaves a nice odor on your skin, but it smells bad when you apply it, you have to be patient, cause it needs some minutes to take action, you leave a mess behind after you`ve applied it, make sure you don`t apply it on very intimate areas, because you`ll get some rashes!

That`s about all it is regarding the waxing cream! Oh, and when you buy such a product make sure you`ve checked it`s term of effectiveness!

No matter which of the two methods you choose to apply for, be sure you`ll have hair grown in the next couple of days, they`re very much effective in the day you use them, but in the next days you`ll see your hair grow again and bye-bye silky legs! Another thing that was forgotten to be mentioned is that you necessarily need to apply body cream or oil after you use these products, because you need to hydrate your skin!

These methods aren`t bad at all if you have a small amount of money, only you`ll be concern to use them once a week or twice, depending on your skin and hair texture!