Hands, nails, heels

Our hands say many things about our personality. Accordingly to how healthy and how much you take care of your hands, one can make an idea about you! As a girl that respects herself you must have beautiful hands and nails!

The beginning step is to make a pealing weekly to your hands and nails! Before applying nail polish, make sure you keep your hands in warm water to moisture your cuticles! Every time you do your manicure don`t cut your cuticles, push them in the interior side of the nail! Once in a while it`s good to keep your nails in warm olive oil to make them stronger! Lemon juice is also a method for maintaining your nails strong because it contains Vitamin C.

Fill a thing with water, mix salt, lemon or orange juice put your hands and feet in this water and keep them in this mixture for a while, after you`ve done this make sure you apply cream on the nails and put a transparent polish on them! Your nails will certainly look shiny and healthy after this!

Creaming your hands once in a while is a great idea; you can buy a tube of such moisture and keep it in your purse to cream them every time you think it`s necessary!

Keeping an antibacterial lotion with you is also a good thing because you maintain your hands clean and it also gives a refreshing odor!

Applying for fake long nails can be a good idea, but they shouldn`t be too long, because they can be rather uncomfortable! You can have a French manicure with silicon nails or from porcelain! Having fake nails needs attention and going to the cosmetic salon once in a couple of weeks, but it`s certainly worth!

If you don`t take care of your toe nails properly you may get problems and have a skin infection when the corners of the nails enter in the exterior parts of the fingers! If you have such problems you immediately need to consult a doctor and have your nails removed! Not going to a doctor means secondary problems and you certainly you want to be healthy and go to bath in sea water without being ashamed of your toes!

Speaking of feet, you need to take care of the heels by removing the dead tissues with an abrasive stone or an instrument that`s similar with this stone! After you`ve removed the unwanted skin from the heels, make sure you cream them a lot!

Hands aren`t the only parts of the body that need special care, the feet also need special attention! Nails are also important features of our body parts, they`re representative for our personality and express health! No matter what color of polish you choose to apply on them, make sure they`re first been taken care of and look great! Also, make sure your skin looks great and your heels look in the same way!