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Bridal Hair | How to Wear Curls to Your Wedding


bridal hairstyles
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How to Wear Curls to Your Wedding Reception

If there’s one thing we always seem to get asked about in wedding beauty, it’s beautiful, playful curly/wavy bridal hair. Whether your natural hair is pin straight or you already have a thatch of gorgeous curls, there is a mini tutorial here for you. We’ve chosen the looks that require a minimal amount of styling tools and products so they are as easy on your pocket as they are easy to style just before you hit the dance floor at your wedding reception. Getting your bridal hairstyle right is east once you find the perfect style you want to rock as a bride.

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A relaxed wavy style for naturally straight hair

If your hair is poker straight and finds it difficult to hold a curl, then try this sophisticated wavy style that requires minimal upkeep and let your waves drop out in a natural way that just looks more chic as the night of the party goes on. Begin with dry hair, and apply styling mousse to the root to get the piece-y look going. When your hair is tangle free, apply protective serum to the ends of the hair in order to smooth and protect from curling tongs. You should use a curling tong with a 1 inch to 3 inch wide barrel and curl hair away from the face. When you’ve curled all of the hair, use your fingers to comb through and break up the curls into relaxed waves. Finished with a light mist of light hold hairspray all over.

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For curly hair that already holds a curl pattern–try the Taylor Swift look

Country pop singer Taylor Swift is famous for her natural corkscrew blonde curls. If you already have curly hair and you want to achieve Taylor’s photo shoot ready look for your bridal hair, then this is the tutorial for you. Begin by using styling mousse to get a little lift at the root, then take a 1 inch curling tong and wrap the entire length of your section of hair around the barrel, beginning with your bangs and working away from the face. When you’re finished re-curl random pieces to make the style look more natural. You want to avoid breaking up this style too much with your fingers. If you want to wear an up do to the actual ceremony, you can take out the pins and wear your hair down for an easy transition. Your curls will look just as good either way. This bridal hairstyle winner will have them floored when you walk down the aisle.

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Try A Classic Bantu Knot Out

Bridal hairstyle looks can inspire you as a bride. That’s what happened when we stumbled across this picture on Pinterest. Start with freshly washed hair and try to use a sulphate free shampoo with conditioning treatment if you can. After washing, apply detangler and then apply heat protector to sectioned off pieces of hair. Blow dry hair as straight as possible, then section the hair again. Using a conditioning product on your hands, twist the sections making sure not to twist too hard at the root as the knot will tighten as you twist towards the end. Secure the knot with a bobby pin and use the hairdryer to set the style if you wish. Don a silk cap to sleep on the style. In the morning pull out the knots in the opposite direction to which you twisted them and then break the style up and arrange as you wish. Try using a crystal hair clip to add a touch of wedding glamour.

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All of these bridal hair looks can be achieved in a couple of hours (when not counting the sleeping time you need to create a bantu knot out!) And you can easily learn to master them yourself at home, so you won’t need to pay a hair stylist to attend your wedding. The secret to making curls and waves look good is plenty of moisture, so you whatever your hair type, make sure that you are deep conditioning your hair on a regular basis in the last few weeks before the big day

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