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14 Lesser-Known Bridal Designers (& Their Gorgeous Gowns You Need to See)

Vera Wang makes masterpieces. Monique Lullihier is a magician. We know about Watters and Maggie Sottero. Oscar de la Renta made dreams come true. Reem Acra has us falling in love every time a new design pops up. These designers are some of the best of the best in the business. Their creations are sought after and walk the runways with timelessness and poise. They grace covers of magazines and our favorite celebrities slip into them as well.

But what about some lesser-known bridal designers? Are there gorgeous gowns out there that you need to see, being made by names that you haven’t had a chance to hear of just yet? Yes, yes there are and we’ve compiled a beautiful list to pique that interest. Let’s have a look.

Our Picks: 14 Lesser-Known Bridal Designers

Winifred Bean

The Winifred Bean Bride is authentic and effortlessly stylish. And this line of gowns was created out of love and within family spirits. The features of the designs are delicate yet creative. Their focus is on classic silhouettes but with a unique spin in surprising ways.

If you’re someone looking for an outside-the-box ensemble, look no further than within each and every one of these timeless creations. Angela Curanaj, the designer, named her bridal line after her fashion-forward, trailblazing grandmother, and you can feel the love within every single look.


IRIS Winifred Bean Gown


Petals Winifred Bean Gown


Sweetheart Winifred Bean Gown

Danielle Frankel

There’s so much sophistication that is sewn into a Danielle Frankel bridal gown. With a focus on women and the elevation of the bridal experience, Frankel truly takes wedding dresses to new heights. Whimsical, vulnerable, girlishly charming, there are a lot of stunning features that you will fall in love with when you scroll through the designs. You’ll find simple pieces dipped in couture culture.


Ruby Danielle Frankel Dress


Everly Danielle Frankel Gown


Delilah Danielle Frankel Gown

Heidi Elnora

Birthed in Alabama, Heidi Elnora gowns are inspired by a variety of personalities. From the free-spirited, bohemian to the timeless and elegant, there are so many wonderful designs to fall in love with here. What’s so different about a Heidi Elnora dress though, is the simplicity. The lines and fit are the shining elements of each and every piece.

Vivenne Beau

Vivienne Beau Heidi Elnora Gown

Coco Marie

Coco Marie Heidi Elnora Gown

Ruthy Gail

Ruthy Gail Heidi Elnora 3


A Carly Cushnie wedding gown has scorching sex appeal. This ready-to-wear line is filled with cosmopolitan-inspired pieces that the sophisticated, bold woman will want to wear – even on her walk down the aisle. Although Cushnie is one of the best kept secrets, that secret has been kept by the likes of Michelle Obama, Jennifer Lopez, and Ashley Graham.

Halter Neck Cowl

halter neck cowl cushnie wedding gown

Sleeveless Cutouts

Sleeveless Cutouts Cushnie wedding gown

Jacket Pant Suit

short jacket pant suit wedding suit cushnie

Dana Harel

At Dana Harel, you’ll find luxurious pieces that will instantly elevate the style and sophistication of your wedding day. The real magic is in the details here though. The delicate features and crystal beading is a unique stamp within the line. For those that fancy themselves a modern bride, please peruse these creations.


Denise Dana Harel Gown


pixie Dana Harel gown


Nina Dana Harel Gown

Anna Campbell

Silk and custom laces are a staple of the Anna Campbell line. Grown in Melbourne (with every dress being created and handmade there), for over ten years they’ve been creating comfortable, hand-embellished wedding gowns. What you’ll notice the most about the designs is the romance that’s been used to inspire each and every accent and feature.

Indigo Fitted

indigo fitted Anna Campbell gown

Sorrento Crepe

Sorrento crepe Anna campbell gown

Moss Anna Campbell Gown

ASHI Studio

It is extremely hard to turn your eyes away from a ASHI Studio wedding gown. The glamour, the luxury; it’s as if the designs walked right off the couture catwalk. The innovation behind every design is obvious, there’s a lot of experimentation involved in these wedding looks which is why the off-beat bride may be drawn to them immediately.

Style 07 – SS 2020

style 07 spring 2020 ashi studio gown

Style 02 – SS 2020

style 07 spring 2020 ashi studio gown

Style 04 – SS 2020

style 04 spring 2020 ashi studio gown

One Day Bridal

These gowns are some of the most unique. They’re paving the way for our modern, stylish brides that want to skip the kitchiness and tradition. Instead, they want to put an original stamp on a day that they will remember forever. That’s what this line will do for you. There’s glitter. There’s color. There’s texture and a lot of sex appeal.


Murphy One Day Bridal skirt


Cooper One Day Bridal gown


Lotte One Day Bridal gown

Elizabeth Dye

Elizabeth Dye began by creating bespoke gowns for private clients before launching her own collection in 2010. Since then, she’s been creating made to order gowns in the USA that are full of creative spirits. Notice the elegant, the timelessness, and the old-age inspiration involved throughout the designs.


cloudia Elizabeth dye gown


fawn Elizabeth dye gown


L. Wells Bridal

Designer, Lauren Wells, has worked with names such as Vera Wang and Candela, so she knows a thing or two about wedding gowns. What’s special within her own brand though is the romance and fairy-tale quality of each and every piece. Inspired by old-age spirits and storybook adventures, each piece has us falling in love over and over again.


Sissy L WELLS gown


Rose L WELLS gown


Polly L WELLS Gown

Prea James Bridal

Bridal Musings dubbed her gowns “liquid ivory,” and we’re totally on board with that description. Everything about these gowns are fashion-forward and on-trend but there’s still just the right amount of tradition sewn in for brides to fall in love with. This line is also eco-conscious, which is just another piece of its charm we adore.


Asta Prea James Gown


Maya skirt Prea James skirt


Emilia Prea James Gown

Savannah Miller

We’ve loved Savannah Miller for a while and will continue shouting our love for this designer. For the elegant, understated bride, this line will speak to your whimsy heart. Crisp, sophisticated, there’s a bout of bohemian mixed in with simple lines that hug a woman’s curves with ease and versatility. You will love the mix of texture and easy silhouettes.


Marion Savannah Miller gown


talitha savannah miller gown


camilla savannah miller gown

Galvan London

A London-based label, Galvan is a beautiful bridal house filled with on-trend designs. In fact, our love for these designs was ignited by the stunning silhouettes. They’re easy and versatile but they don’t cut the day short of its importance. It’s important to note that these gowns are made to order – so do your research.


geneva galvan gown


Blenheim Galvan wedding gown


Clarendon galvan gown


Meredith Stoecklein is the designer of LEIN Studio and there are bouts of beautiful, bridalwear that will appeal to a wide variety of brides. Why? Because these pieces appeal to the sensible side of us all. They’re easy-to-wear and versatile but with all the style you crave for your big day.

Malachy’s Tulle Gown

Malachy's Tulle Gown by LEIN

Pleated Crepe Jumpsuit

pleated crepe jumpsuit by LEIN

Tulip Crepe Gown

tulip crepe gown LEIN