Brother-Of-The-Bride Speech Tips


If your sister is getting married and you have been asked to give a speech, don’t panic. Whether this request is because your father has passed on or otherwise isn’t available, or because your sister simply wants you to say a few words, there’s no reason to have a mild heart attack. Use the following tips to give a speech that’s short, sweet, and reminds your sister and everyone else at the wedding why you’re awesome.

Congratulate The Couple

Congratulate the couple on their next phase in their journey together. Wish them much love and many years of happiness, and note how privileged you feel to share in the celebration. Assure them that all of their hard work paid off and everything looks fantastic.

Say Thanks

Thank everyone for coming, particularly the out-of-town guests who braved planes, trains, and automobiles to see your sister say “I do.” If you can make a funny transportation joke, go for it, but don’t feel pressured to do so.

Welcome The Groom

Welcome the groom to your family. Mention anything revolving around how happy he makes your sister, what a stand-up, excellent man he is, and similar sentiments. Refrain from mentioning anything about ex-boyfriends, ex-fiances, her crazy party days prior to meeting him…you get the idea.

Talk About Your Sister

Take a moment to talk about your amazing sister and perhaps share a memory from childhood. Remember to make the memory fun or heartfelt, not embarrassing. Talk about how happy you are that she found the right partner and what about her you admire.

Add A Quote

Add a quote about love if you desire. Find something unique that’s sure to touch everyone in attendance rather than trotting out the same trite phrases that have been said at weddings over and over (and over) again.

Remember: short, sweet, and to the point is what you want. Good luck!