Prepping for Rehearsal Dinner Speeches – It Can Be Easy


For many couples, the rehearsal night can be just as important (and memorable) as the wedding day itself. This is why if you have been asked to give one of the rehearsal dinner speeches on the big night, you better make it good.

Thankfully, writing these speeches does not have to be so difficult. In this article, we will give you a general structure you can use.

We will also give you an example you can use. Lastly, we will tell you more about where to get more help on writing your speeches, if needed.

The Structure of Rehearsal Dinner Speeches

The structure for your rehearsal dinner speech does not have to be very complicated, and the speech does not have to be long. Just follow this simple structure:

  1. Introduce yourself. Tell everyone your relationship with the couple.
  2. Thank and welcome everyone.
  3. Insert a witty quote.
  4. Tell a story about the couple.
  5. Talk about the beauty of marriage (a quote works here, too).
  6. Congratulate (or toast) the couple.

Rehearsal Dinner Speeches – Example to Use

Thank you all for being here to share this special day together. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Ted’s father, Louis. I am honored to be able to be here to congratulate these two wonderful young people as they begin their lives together.

I first met Sarah soon after she and Ted began dating, and I wasn’t exactly sold on whether this young woman was right for Ted. First impressions are everything, and Sarah made the mistake of introducing herself while wearing a teddy bear costume.

Granted, it was Halloween, but come on, Sarah. Show some decency! Being bear is not proper “meeting your fiancé’s dad” attire.

But I’m glad to say we got past the first impression. Sarah and Ted spent the next few years joined at the hip, so I got to know her well. And, as everyone here is aware, Sarah’s a great woman. She is intelligent, smart, and independent. I know she will make Ted very happy.

Remember what Barnett Martin Luther said: “There is no more lovely, friendly, and charming relationship, communion, or company than a good marriage.” Always treat each other well and cherish one another. Congratulations to the new happy couple!

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