Jackets and coats over the wedding dress

If you decided to make your wedding during the winter season then it’s important to think of what jacket you’re going to wear over the wedding dress. You don’t have to end up catching flu in only one week after the wedding, because you’re going to need all the good spirit to enjoy your honeymoon and be able in the same time of recollecting in the future every tiny moment.

First of all, it depends on what you wish and your personal tastes. It’s certain that you’re going to need a jacket to keep you warm in the wedding day!

jackets and coats over the wedding dress

Even if you’re not going to stay too much outside, it’s better to have something that covers you for the moments in which you’re going to lead your guests or when you’re going to be stolen. A cape or a poncho can be more than enough and it’s certain that if it’s too cold outside we can’t admit the same thing.
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If you’re the time who prefers the trench then you can try a trench that is accordingly to what you’re wearing. There isn’t a rule in what concerns what you have to wear in your winter wedding, it’s important to place on you what you think advantages you more, what’s more suitable and protects you against cold in the same time – this is the main aspect that you have to take into account.

It’s important you’re elegant, reason for which you have to decide on a winter jacket as sophisticated as possible, due to the fact that you’re wedding day has to be as special as possible. In what concerns the color, if you like neuter colors, pick grey, beige, and brown, in any other case choose the color that it’s lighter to maintain the general line of the wedding. If you want to be special, you can opt for flower embroidery. You’re going to be a bride from the flower – power trend in this winter season; on top of all, your flowers are going to compete with those of ice.

jackets and coats over the wedding dress 2

The offer of this season is really rich in knitwear, details and textures in such a manner that it’s going to be a difficult thing to make a choice. This is why, for your wedding you can choose a wedding dress with personality – with collar or borders made of artificial fur, with a waistline, huge buttons, with applications made of brocade and marbles, with interesting knitting and embroidery.

If you’re the type of person who adores fur, you can opt for a fur coat that is really elegant and of course, it’s rather expensive, but surely you’re going to be a strong presence. In this case, you can choose for a natural fur coat made of fox and if you want to be a little bit eco, you can continue with a fur coat made of artificial fur – it’s really cute and cozy in the same time. You’re going to feel like a queen in such a coat.