Small veils with floral details

We recall presenting you some interesting models of veils and we have to admit that these are not popular only when it comes to brides, these can be worn by those that feel extravagant and like to show off at we don’t know what event….

In the lines to come we’re going to present you some interesting models of veils that may catch your attention and maybe you will consider adopting a veil in your wedding day. By the way we know that not many of you like the idea of wearing a veil, but it doesn’t matter: tastes are represented throughout diversity.

small veils with floral details

We start with presenting you a nice looking model of veil that is so vintage and it confers you an interesting aspect. So this veil has as components the veil, which is made of a fabric that is really transparent and a side that seems to imitate and looks like a cap.
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How do you put these accessories on your head? Well it’s very simple: recollect all your hair in a loop and you’ll put this great looking veil in the left or the right side of the head. It will be very easy to put in your hair, with the help of some hair clips.

There’s also another variant of such veil with that transparent material and a flower or a feather or any other element. Similar to the previous model this can be very easily put on the head. Some of these don’t need the help of hair clips because these are longer and be maintained easily on the head.

small veils with floral details2

We continue with some other models of such veils, although this time it’s only the cockade part without the piece of transparent fabric. There are used ultra sized flowers to switch with the previous models of veils and these still remain interesting looking. Most of these are so big and go very well with the rest of the outfit that you won’t be tempted to watch that detail on the bride’s head.

small veils with floral details3

So there are some cockades in shape of flowers that go really well like the others on one side of the head and not on the middle. You create an interesting effect if you choose to put this “veil” on one side of your head and next to the ear.

Flowers and flowers again! There are also some models that combine perfectly the flower motifs with the feathers and will certainly confer you the vintage air we’ve been mentioning previously.

small veils with floral details4

The last thing we want to mention about these types of veil is that these are really fashionable and you should take them into account or think of wearing a similar detail in your hair in the most important day of your life.