The bride’s veil

The bride`s veil has been considered as a symbol of ingenuity for hundreds of years. After the wedding, the veil was given as a gift together with the garter and the bouquet to one of the young ladies that participated at the wedding!

Beside the classical models of veils, sometimes designers offer some personalized models, special ones that suit the bride and the dress that she is wearing perfectly!


The color of the veil can match perfectly with the dress or it can be in a contrasting color, but in all situations the veil must fit to the make-up, complexion and the face of the bride. Sometimes, bride may want to wear a hat instead of a veil, or some flowers, discreet only remembering vaguely of the traditional veil!

Veils are a source of inspiration and they can be de ones that differ you from the other brides. If you don`t like this accessory very much, you can renounce to it, but the dress will look incomplete and you must take into account the old traditions!


No one says you should wear the classical veil that covers your face! You can be glamorous and wear a tiny veil, one that remembers of the old image of this asset and all will admire your make-up, jewelry, your face and your radiant smile!

Remember, you can use a contrasting color for your veil if you want to surprise your guests and the pictures taken at your wedding, will remind you of how beautiful and chic you were!

If you want to be traditional, you can wear your mother`s wedding veil, but you must consider that time is a degrading factor and you must do something to make it white as it used to be!


Instead of wearing your mother`s veil, you can ask her, if she`s good in knitting, to make you a nice veil, that will be kept in your drawer many, many years!

As you can see the bride`s veil is another thing that you must consider, in the large list of details or accessories. Be it white or colorful, it is an important accessory that completes entirely your gown and without it you may look incomplete (as mentioned above)!
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Browse and see as many models of veil you can and decide on one that suits the most your wedding dress and bouquet! No matter what choice you make, you will certainly look wonderful!