Zodiac signs and brides

Every astrological sign has its characteristics and so it’s not a wonder if the choices made concerning the wedding dresses are going to vary accordingly to the influence of the stars….

In order to find out more about the way in which stars leave a trace over the organization of a wedding we’ve asked fro some indications and pieces of advice in this sense.

Read in what follows about the suggestions and pieces of advice that are offered and concern choosing a wedding dress accordingly to your sign. Discover next to us the magic of every sign and the options for the wedding dress.

zodiac signs and brides

If you’re a Ram here’s what the specialists tell you…. You’re not a formal person so you want that your dress is going to attract some eyes. The wedding dress has to be loose on your body and really sexy, with the naked shoulders or with a V neckline, with straps at the level of the waist line and with minimalistic pieces of jewelry.
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Heels that are not that tall in order to feel comfortable; you can highlight yourself and show your true personality with a dress that is down to the knees, modern and that speaks about your mind which is open towards new things.

If you’re a bride in the Taurus sign then here’s what we found concerning your sign…. Due to the fact that you have a well developed sense of feeling and you adore refined fabrics, you’re going to apply for sure for an embroidered silk with all kinds of jewelry applied, a true feast of the luxurious elements.

Place the accent on your chest with a V cleavage, a simple wedding dress with empire waist and embroidered lace. Or if you want to be extra daring you can apply for a one shoulder neckline, cream with a long train and with small floral applications.

zodiac signs and brides 2

The next bride we want to mention about is the Gemini one…. she’s always playful and with a traditionalist thinking, she is going to look gorgeous in a voluminous dress, with some asymmetrical elements, with pearls and high heels in silver tone.

In any case, you have to take into account a model, which is sleeveless. In case you’re curious and opened towards new stuff, the bride in the Gemini sign is going to choose a daring model from the latest collection that has appeared on the market.

zodiac signs and brides 3

Last, but not least is the Cancer sign which needs to be taken into account and we have some words to say about this bride who is under this sign as well….

So, a very good part of the women who are under the Cancer sign usually dream of a simple ceremony in which they wear a simple wedding dress, long and with white flowers in their hair.

zodiac signs and brides 4

Another part of these natives dream of the elegant formality of a wedding in church. In this scenario, the Cancer bride is wearing a wedding dress with Empire waist and with a long train, a veil and a broche from grandmother and some pearls received as gift from mother.