Bridal secrets – Part Two – know how to be comfortable

We know that everyone loves secrets. They are mysterious and they always help somebody solve a problem. In this case we know that the problem is obtaining a one of a kind bridal image that will amaze your groom and that will impress your wedding attendants. And since most of the brides nowadays hire a makeup artist and a hairstylist to do wonders with their hair and face, we would like you to learn from the good and bad experiences of various “real” brides.
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And since the makeup and hairstyle matters are already solved out, let’s focus on the comfort you need at your wedding reception. So, read the following tricks shared by some ladies, and learn from their experiences.

Bridal secrets - know how to be comfortable - Wedding Dress

“Before my wedding day I read a lot of articles concerning the bridal beauty. There I have learnt that it is important for a bride to feel comfortable at her wedding party, therefore her outfit and her accessories should be chosen carefully. So, I aimed at finding a dress that would make me look glamorous, but at the same time that would allow me to enjoy my reception. I have to say that it was a wise decision, because I still remember how much fun I had at my wedding ceremony, thing that wouldn’t have been possible have I chosen an uncomfortable dress.”

Debbie, 29

“It’s all about the shoes! Before my wedding reception I really considered the option of wearing a high heel pair of shoes. I though that they would improve my image, simply because they would make me ten inch taller. But, I finally got to my senses, because in the last minute I have opted for a medium heel and very comfy pair of shoes. It was in deed a wise option, because even if I wore some comfortable shoes my feet still hurt at the end of the night. I don’t want to imagine how it would have been if I had gone for my first option.”

Becky, 26

Bridal secrets - know how to be comfortable - BridalShoes

“Actually, regardless of your choice in terms of the dress and shoes, I believe that one feels comfortable, as long as one is confident in her beauty and in her bridal image. Because, to be frank, I saw: a lot of beautiful women who looked wry just because their wedding apparel was not appropriate for their personality. Therefore, I personally decided to wear something that would give me confidence, on my wedding day. I must confess that I am glad I decided this way, because honestly, I felt ten times better wearing a woman suit that I have felt if I had wore a wedding gown. So, my comfort was assured by my will of revealing my personality.”

Jessica, 31

These being said, learn form these women’s experiences and choose to be comfortable in order to expose a flawless bridal look.