Rock’n’roll bride

Being a vintage theme, the most common period of rock’n’roll being the 50s and 60s you can opt for pearls as accessories, an imposing bracelet, an oversized ring and simple earrings, in shape of tears.

The pick that you’re going to make is going to be completely inspired, not only for the well known elegance of the pearls but the placing in theme as well.

Also, if you feel that you’re not sure in what concerns some decisions and you think that they can overload the location or your outfit then opt for the classical solution, it’s impossible to fail.

The accessories aren’t going to get limited to the traditional ones, of course the tattoos of the bride can count as well! If you don’t have a tattoo and you would love to try some other details then you can definitely take into account applying for a semi – permanent tattoo or even one that lasts for a day, in order to be completely different in the wedding day. You can choose vintage models or rock’n’roll symbols.
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The veil worn by the bride has to respect as well a period; a veil that shouldn’t modify too much the unconventional look is perfect. The hairstyle is going to be fixed on the back side with the help of a pin with feathers, which are in perfect harmony with the wedding dress’ details that can be a part of an avant-gardism style.

The veils are the perfect solutions for the brides who don’t want a traditional look or who don’t want that their veil to be reduced or beauty of the wedding dress. A comfortable hairstyle that offers you freedom of moving, but also the image of a diva of the old Hollywood seems to be more appropriate.

The makeup has to be in the same tone as well, reproducing the glam look of rock’n’roll stars. The makeup artist is going to use matte colors and thick lines of eyeliners in black tone, but in a dark red tone as well.

Even if there isn’t the tradition of the blue element to complete the outfit you can apply for this color. A pair of blue shoes is going to recall everybody you’re a rock’n’roll bride.

The groom’s outfit has to be great as well, he can wear a simple suit with a tie inspired from the outfits of the rock’n’roll masters like Buddy Holly. You don’t have to forget wither of the trademark sunglasses as well or simple glasses.

Indeed, such combinations are going to make you a rock’n’roll bride and you’re going to look pretty interesting – at least this is what we think!