Black dresses for the maids of honor

If there are persons out there who think black is not appropriate or the dress of the maids of honor, well, they are thoroughly mistaken.
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This is not a bad idea at all, especially considering the contrast that they create with the white of the bridal gown. As we have already accustomed you, we will present and describe some nice models and maybe determine you to go for one of them, or at least help you make an idea about the rough design of the dresses your maids should wear.

We start with a crisscross black dress. The X is around the neck area and it ends in the back with some buttons. It is ideal for the skinny bridesmaids as the crisscross hides the collar bones very well. This model ends in a back zipper and its fabric is silk. The length is also very convenient and it goes well on all body shapes.

black dresses for the maids of honor

This type of dress can be worn with a pair of medium high heeled sandals or shoes.
The following dress model is a twisted on shoulder one. This dress features a natural waistline and it has a straight line that would put a slender body to an advantage. It is a rather simple dress that helps bridesmaid emphasize their natural traits.

black dresses for the maids of honor2

We continue with a long dress which is has a beaded shoulder motif. This model goes well on all types of body, making even the chubby girls look like they lost a few pounds. We have to add that on the back side of the dress, you have an empty space, a scoop cleavage that highlights the shoulders and the skin.
We also have this black satin dress, which we undoubtedly want to present.

black dresses for the maids of honor3

It has wide shoulder straps and pleated bust, the empire waist looks interesting and it makes the body look slim. Beware, though, that the length of the dress is quite dangerous. So, if your bridesmaids are not very tall, this will not make a good choice.

black dresses for the maids of honor4

Regardless the dress model you liked best, make sure that the style highlights the beautiful features of the maids of honor. You will want to have your bridesmaid good looking, as to match your bridal look and also the theme of the wedding. But one thing you can be sure of, when choosing black for your maids’ dresses: none of them will say no to you as black will always be in trend.