Inviting the girls to be bridesmaids 2

We’ve got remained some other suggestions on how you can invite your girls to attend your wedding as bridesmaids. As you could observe from our previous topic, the basic thing is to offer a gift to the person whom you want to invite your wedding and you have to make this moment as memorable as possible.

If money isn’t the problem to you then it’s just great! Take all the girls at a dinner in the fanciest restaurant you know, order some champagne and pop the question to them.

Think of what type of flowers would you love to use in your wedding day and take one of that kind and attach it with an invitation and send it to the person in matter. Explain in that card that you would love that she should carry a bouquet made of such flowers in your special day.

inviting the girls to be bridesmaids 2

If you have pictures with those that you want to be bridesmaids you can make a collage and write somewhere next to the pictures that you would really want them to take part of your wedding and that they’re important people in your life.
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A memory book would be also really nice: put it together and recollect all your nice moments together. Also, you can add the moment in which you invited them to be your bridesmaids…. Besides your memories you can also add photos of you and you’re going to end up with a really neat looking small memory book that will be useful in some years.

A great idea would be to take all the girls and take a walk to the nearest bridal shop you have there. Begin browsing for dresses and propose them if they would be enchanted to wear one of the dresses exposed there.

Having a dinner at your place wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Invite all the girls there and if you feel like you can’t propose this to them verbally use the help of some napkins, cards or something like that on which you write your intention and reinforce this with your own words. Be sure that you’re going to be successful in what you intend on doing.

A wedding fair could also be the great occasion for you to invite them to be maids of honor at your wedding day. You can browse together for some stuff there and more hands are definitely much useful than two are, don’t you think so?

Watching a soapy movie is another suggestion of ours and it’s cheap in the same time: make sure that the movie is related to weddings or something like that. While you begin crying you can also pop out the question and make this moment more intense!