The maid of honor’s accessories 2

So we promised to get back with this topic and here we are with new examples and hints for you future maids of honor! Last time we’ve suggested some necklaces, umbrellas and purses as accessories and we’re hoping that we helped you in a way or another. If we didn’t, well this time we’re going to be useful. So here we start our daily list….

the maid of honor's accessories 2

We first recommend a nice purse without handle! These purses are made in sweet colors and make sure they match your dresses. The basic fabric is cotton or taffeta and with some nice floral embroidery made of knitted threads. The purse has a nice and shiny ribbon on the front side and it ends with a bow. We recommend an envelope model or you may apply for another shape if you like to….
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Hey how about a fan? Have you ever though of wearing a fan instead of a bouquet. Renounce to the classical bouquet and wear a fan that’s in perfect coordination with the bride’s bouquet and you’ll still look classy and great in the same time! So it wouldn’t be a great idea at all, would it? You may apply for a white fan if the bride’s bouquet is white or you can have a strong color for your fan! For instance you may wear a red fan with special models on it!

the maid of honor's accessories 22

You can also wear a red and black fan or even a blue and black one…. This can be a distinctive detail! You can distinguish from the other maids of honors through the colors your fan has!

The next example regards a cockade the bride’s maid can wear. She can wear it on her dress or in her hair. It depends on where you feel it looks better. You can have a rose shape cockade made of lace and cotton and in its interior it can have some dark marbles….

the maid of honor's accessories 23

Another nice model of cockade can be worn on a benthic wrapped around the lady’s head. On this accessory you can find two pink roses applied there. The two flowers are made also from textile fabric and have nice models on them, with lace and pearls.

Let’s mention also that you can wear this cockade placed around the waist line and it would also look great! It makes a distinction on the model of dress you pick to wear….

the maid of honor's accessories 24

Let’s continue with another great looking cockade if we’re still in this field…. This time we mention about a vintage model, it looks kind of ‘30s or ‘40s…. A pink benthic with two black roses applied there and some white pearls in the middle of these roses!