The maids of honor’s bouquet 3

We promised that we will return with the subject regarding the maids of honor and their bouquets. We’re back with this topic and we have some other suggestions that you may want to consider if the ones presented in the last articles didn’t seem to please you enough…..

the maids of honor's bouquet 3

We recommend a yellow bouquet, made of different species of yellow flowers. You can combine orchids with sunflowers or yellow daisies. You can add here and there some orange flowers as long as the basic chromatic line is yellow. The bride can have a larger bouquet than yours; make sure it remains yellow too! Her bouquet can be made from different flowers than yours. What color of dress can match perfectly with this type of bouquet? Well coffee color dresses, green or blue. All these three nuances go very well with it!
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The next suggestion is a really colored bouquet made of red, orange, and yellow flowers with intensely green leaves! The combination is simply divine and you can tie this bouquet with a white or yellow shiny ribbon. Place some pearls on the ribbon and it will look exquisite, believe us! The leaves can be shiny and this is an aspect that offers your bouquet a vivid aspect and a touch of freshness….

the maids of honor's bouquet 32

A daisy bouquet is great! Combine red and yellow daisies with big leaves! This is a marvelous looking accessory and if you tie it with a transparent ribbon it will look exquisite. Make sure that the daisies are medium at size and all will be perfect! With what colors of dresses can you combine this bouquet with? The answer is simple: gray, green or coffee color!

We’re close to the end of this topic and we promise to return over some time and give you other examples, but we’ve got two more left…. The main color of last year was violet. Violet or purple always seem to catch our eyes in a way or another, so here’s a nice looking violet-purple bouquet made of roses and other combination of flowers.

Make sure that you have many such flowers in the bouquet and you create a rich one! You can have some green details here and there in the bouquet, be them leaves or small buds of roses. The combination looks divine and will look great with a blue, purple or pink dress, or even (why not?) white.

the maids of honor's bouquet 33

Green bouquets! Have they come into your mind? They go great with a brown or coffee color dress. At the basis of this bouquet you can have a brown ribbon, which ties all the flowers! Make sure you find yellow-green flowers, these look good if combined with an intense and strong color.