The maid of honor’s bouquet 2

We would like to continue talking about the maid of honor’s bouquet because we promised this to you and we wouldn’t like to disappoint you at all! You know now how to pick a bouquet and what you should take into consideration, don’t you? We feel like mentioning it again to you: the bride’s dress, your dress and the wedding’s theme. This being said, let’s continue with some fine examples of such bouquets.

the maid of honor's bouquet 2

The first suggestion regards a bouquet made of pink roses and other type of flowers: it doesn’t matter as long as they’re white. Make sure you leave the flowers as long as possible. Tie them with a white ribbon and make sure you have some green stuff here and there in the bouquet. This kind of bouquet matches with a pink dress, green or an ivory one!
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The next model of bouquet is designed really nicely and it is composed of peonies! Choose red and pink peonies, because they look really great together. Make sure that you’ve placed some green grass between the buds, here and there! The combination looks simply divine and it’s a bouquet which goes really good with a pink, green, ivory or blue dress!

Daisies are also great ideas for flowers composing the maid of honor’s bouquet! Take red, yellow and orange daisies: mix them with other small flowers with green petals or white petals! Green is very important in this combination, because you need to have some leaves here and there in order to create a vivid and fresh effect! This kind of bouquet matches with every color of dress possible, because it’s a playful game of nuances and colors…..

the maid of honor's bouquet 22

The next suggestion and the last for this time (because we’re going to continue this topic) regards some really nice combinations of flowers and colors! You can combine some ivory roses with white peonies and orchids in order to create a circular shape bouquet for the beautiful maids of honor.

One of them can carry this bouquet and another one can have a similar bouquet only with pink or violet roses in the same mixture of flowers. You can differentiate from another only by using a different color to a certain flower or you can distinguish from the other maid of honor by the color that you pick for your dress, as long as the model is the same!

the maid of honor's bouquet 23

You can have identical models of dresses, with the same cuts, but you can have a brown one and she can have a beige one, get the message? The bouquet presented above matches perfectly with a white dress or a blue one! The aspect of the bouquet looks simply divine and the flowers used in this combination create a wonderful visual effect.