The maid of honor’s accessories

Today we’re going to deal also with the maids of honor’s accessories. We’ve mentioned about their dresses and their bouquets. They also need accessories in order for their gown to be complete!

the maid of honor's accessories

For example let’s take into account their jewelry! If they wear a dress they necessarily need some pieces of jewelry. In order to be unique one from another they can apply for a distinct accessory. For instance if they wear a long necklace made of small marbles they can apply also for two roses made of taffeta or a shiny material and in the middle of that rose you can have applied also a pearl. This necklace can be in a darker color and the roses can be in a lighter color, or reverse the roles….

the maid of honor's accessories2

We continue with small purses in colored colors, like really colored. These purses can be made of shiny material and with a metallic margin that looks really great. Make sure that these are in contrast with the color of the dress that the maid of honor wears. For instance, if the wears a blue dress she can wear a lively yellow purse or the other way around. Got the idea?!
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There’s also a nice model of necklace and this time we recommend it if the maids of honor wear different dresses. This necklace consists of a long silvery chain with a blue medallion. It’s simple and we recommend it for all three, four or five maids of honors! If they wear this necklace they needn’t wear other pieces of jewelry!

the maid of honor's accessories3

And we end with some umbrellas! Yes, why shouldn’t they all apply for umbrellas if it’s a hot and tiring summer or spring day? They can all have white umbrellas or if they want to, they can apply for a contrasting color for these accessories. If their dresses are blue they can wear a yellow umbrella, but we totally recommend light colors for the umbrellas because if it’s dark it will attract the sun rays and you wouldn’t want that, would you?

That’s about it up until now, but we promise to renew this topic with more and more suggestions. You can combine some of these hints if you want to. For instance, you can take the umbrella, the purse and the necklace in the same color. It would be an interesting combination, don’t you think so? Also, their bouquet can also match the pieces of jewelry they wear.

the maid of honor's accessories4

For example, if the bouquet is blue they may wear a blue necklace with a blue medallion. It’s quite interesting how all these things really go together, isn’t it?

So, we’re waiting some suggestions from you too! We want to know what you’re interested in and what would you love to hear about!