Wedding cake toppers replacements

Don’t you ever think that you and the groom are the only ones that need to be accessorized for the wedding! You have to think of every little detail that needs to be accessorized and when we say this, we refer to the wedding cakes, the wedding decorations, the place in which the wedding reception takes place and so on….
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Today we decided to stop over the area of the wedding cake, because we consider it to be one great to be taken into account as well. For instance you have to make sure that the wedding cake is adorned properly and that it transmits the proper message! Not only wedding cake toppers seem to us a right idea, but there are other more that you need to take into account.

For instance, let’s start with a card placed over the wedding cake, which is made in the format of a card. This one has a nice message on it, exactly to transmit the way you’re feeling for the other. The message can be one like “ I will love you, forever and a day”, but it might as well substitute those funny or figurine wedding cake toppers and show the name of you two.

Instead of the wedding cake toppers that we just mentioned about you can also apply for two hearts, which are made of sparkling details. Of course, if you have enough money you can even apply for making these from precious materials – we don’t see any inconvenient in doing this.

Your initials seem to us as another great idea to take into account. You can apply for such cake toppers, which consist of shiny material that is made in shape of letters and with stone applications on. Like in the previous case, we recommend you to do the same thing and keep these after the wedding.

Two bells can successfully replace wedding cake toppers! We don’t see the problem in it…. Of course, a bell is the bride and the other is the groom and we find this idea as interesting as the ones mentioned previously. Depending on the colors that the wedding cake has you can make this wedding cake topper in a color or another!

If you think that the message you want to transmit is something like: we’ve become one then a heart should do this thing for you. Apply for a heart, which you can place on the top side of the wedding cake and it can serve successfully as wedding cake topper. How about that? You have so many options to apply for and we’re certain that you think of applying for at least one of these!