Fall theme wedding cakes

We know it’s too late for fall theme wedding cakes, but it’s not a bad idea to prepare in due time and take into account some models in case you intend on doing a wedding in that particular period of the year and with that theme. You’re going to know exactly for which model to apply for in the lines to come and in the same time we assure you that it’s going to be a tough decision due to the fact that it’s hard to choose a wedding cake between the multitude of gorgeous models suggested here.

The first model with which we want to start our description is a brown wedding cake made in three layers and of course we’re speaking about fall theme wedding cakes….

fall theme wedding cakes

So, this one is conceived in three different layers: one at the bottom in a round shape, the other at the middle in a square shape and at last there’s the round layer on top. All of these elements seem to cope together in a gorgeous manner and on each side of the layers; here and there you can observe fall details, like a leaf or a chestnut.
<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->
Here’s the other option that we want to add in our examples of fall theme wedding cakes…. This one is made in white, brown and yellow tones, specific to this particular period. The cake is made in two main layers, square layers that have at the basis (each one) a golden line made of sweet ingredients. From the upper layer to the down side there’s a portion made only with leaves and all kinds of fruits in warm tones like yellow, gold, red or brown. All these details go so great together and you can simply apply for taking them into account in case you decide to have a wedding with the fall theme.

fall theme wedding cakes 2

Our examples of fall theme wedding cakes don’t end here, because we’ve got some other examples and ideas that you can take into account and maybe apply for in the future time…. We’re speaking about a three layered wedding cake made in round layers and in white and on its surface here and there you can observe different details added like leaves or pumpkins which are made in golden tone, in orange or brown.

fall theme wedding cakes 3

All of these seem to go so great together and it’s a real pity if you don’t take them into account! At least, you should try stealing the idea, because it’s really creative in the same time and it’s a pity if you don’t take it in consideration.

Be certain that you’re going to have other more examples in the future time and they won’t be related exactly to this theme, there will be other themes and details that you can apply for….