Decor tips for open air weddings 2

We continue with some other décor tips for open air weddings that we’re sure you’re going to take into consideration, because it would be a pity not to. Let’s also mention that you’re going to read about some hints concerning the blending of colors and not only. These are neat elements that can represent a starting point for a really great looking wedding and a great looking ceremony.

So, we’re speaking of a yellow and orange open air wedding that is really interesting looking in the same time and we’re sure that it is going to sound pretty interesting to you. This particular wedding is taken in a backyard or even in a park. The table covers are orange or a light brown color with nice patterns on them. You can observe also how the table covers go down to the ground and create a really nice visual impression. The chairs are minimalist and white with no special details or patterns on them.

decor tips for open air weddings2

You can observe on the table transparent glass glasses that don’t have any special shapes or something like that. These are designed in a special manner, in a really simple mode and these look pretty nice due to this idea and in combination with the other minimalist elements.
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The centerpiece consists of a yellow vase that is filled with white and yellow flowers, maybe daisies or any other flowers that have this combination of colors. Let’s also mention that this is a great looking arrangement that will definitely create a nice visual impression and that will beautify the table more.

The plates have a rectangular shape. The background plate is white and that used on top is orange with a shiny aspect. As wedding favors there are used some great looking round cookies which are placed in a transparent plastic bag and that are tied with an orange detail above. Let’s also mention that underneath the plates there is a detail made of yellow- brown canes, elements which look pretty exquisite. Another great combination of elements refers to the usage of yellow bottles with some other details besides them as wedding favors, this is an interesting idea it would be interesting to use and we’re sure that this is definitely great looking.

There are some other ideas that can be used as wedding favors, these relate to wrapped chocolate bars that can be placed on the tables and this is indeed a great looking detail and really interesting in the same time.