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Cancun, Puerto Vallarta or Los Cabos? The Best Place In Mexico To Get Married Is…

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photo credit: jurvetson via photopin cc

Where Is the Best Place to Get Married in Mexico?

Mexico is our go-to recommendation when our readers ask us where to have their destination wedding. No matter which city you choose in Mexico you can find gorgeous beaches, diverse culture, great food, over the top customer service and stunning views all around. You can visit old towns, enjoy a lazy day at the beach, undertake almost activity under the sun and then enjoy food that will blow your mind and dance the night away at fun bars in the evening. Wherever you end up, a siesta will likely be in order and your guests will thank you.

While good weather, friendly locals, nice beaches and lots of tequila are available everywhere in Mexico, it is a big place and there are literally hundreds of places you could choose from. We wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t help you narrow down your choices. While it was hard, the Team Wedding crew chose Cancun, Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas as our favorite destination wedding locations in Mexico.

Each is unique, so there is no clear winner per se. It depends a lot on your personality as a couple and that of your guests. For more insight into those differences and what to each location offers, we reached out to Secrets Resorts & Spas. The team helped us identify the unique features at each location and what that means for your special event. We also asked them to tell us what is unique about each of their resorts in each location to give brides a good sense of what is right for them. Having run upscale resorts in each of these locations for many years, we figured they’d be the perfect local guides.

los cabos wedding destination
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Cabo San Lucas: Perfect Wedding Location Between Desert and the Beach

Los Cabos is located at the end of the Baja California peninsula where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean. It is a popular getaway for both Mexican and international tourists with its gorgeous coastline and soaring cliffs. The desert meets the sea in Cabo and that makes for a unique place.

For a couple getting married and their guests, Cabo has lots of non-wedding activities to keep people busy. It is equally a hub for fisherman with world famous deep-sea fishing and for golfers looking to play on one of two championship courses. Attractions in Cabo San Lucas include the marina and great shopping, the underwater sand-falls off Lover’s Beach and depending on the season the gray whale migrations. For the desert lovers there is “El Arco”, a monumental natural arch rock formation.


Cabo was built from the ground up to be a vacation town, so everything about it is designed to make a trip an amazing and carefree experience. Top notch hotels with quality spas and accommodation make it perfect for a destination wedding. Los Cabos makes the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable destination wedding. The scenic beaches, spectacular villas and luxurious resorts give you lots of choice and you can be assured local staff know how to plan and make sure all wedding planning elements are taken care of. You can show up with your family and friends and just enjoy the warm Baja sunshine.

Secrets Marquis Los Cabos

With a gorgeous wedding gazebo and a private beach for your wedding ceremony, it is hard not to say “I do” to the magnificent Secrets Marquis in Los Cabos. When we asked the team what makes this hotel special they told us that it has the “perfect balance”. The hotel gives couples the option of an elegant ballroom, terrace or beach for a reception and even supplies a professional wedding coordinator who can handle every detail.


The hotel has some great bars, lounges or restaurants for every type of mood. Whether your guests want to swim up to the pool bar for an afternoon drink or get dressed up and spend the evening at the upscale bars and lounges, they are all options here. The hotel also included what it terms the “Unlimited-Luxury®” privileges which no wedding guest or bridal couple can argue isn’t the best deal on earth, including all premium wines, beers and other top-shelf beverages. In addition to all this perhaps the one thing this hotel gets the most acclaim for is its 15,000 square foot high end spa facilities with all the latest hydrotherapy and indigenous treatments. It sounds like the perfect place lace to recuperate from all those wedding activities.

cancun wedding
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Cancun. The “Other Cancun” Is Surprisingly Romantic

As the number one tourist location in Mexico, Cancun often conjures up visions of spring breakers running around rampant. Cancun may have earned its party hotspot moniker, but there’s more to this bustling resort town than meets the eye. In fact, we’d say it has undergone a transformation, much more upmarket and diverse location.

If Cabo is all about the scenery and the sea, Cancun is all about the mixing of ancient and modern. With its turquoise waters, easy access from just about any U.S based city and a robust wedding industry, it is probably the easiest place to plan a wedding. Beach-side weddings along the 14-mile long island are spectacular for their views and intimate elegance.

For adventurous non-wedding activities you can count on Ancient Mayan nearby and sites such as Chichen Itza and Tulum just a day trip away. Rain forests with exotic wildlife are also easy day trips for your guests. For those who want to keep it local, a wonder down to the blue waters and white sands gives you a lazy beach day or throw on some snorkelers to be impressed by the colorful reefs and marine life.

Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun

There is nothing like the warm crystal waters on the Riviera Maya coastline. There is also nothing like having an amazing wedding at an AAA Four Diamond Resort called Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun that is right in the heart of this picturesque paradise. Best described as the perfect combination of sexy style and sophisticated elegance, your guests will be happy when they see themselves in one of the 433 guest suites, each of which has a suspended king-size bed, in-suite Jacuzzi and private terrace or balcony.

The Secrets Spa by Pevonia has lots of choices for those of your guests looking to relax. Wedding guests will never get bored when it comes to food and drinks either because Secrets Silversands has a large number of international cuisine choices (seven restaurants in fact) that you can stroll to anytime you want. While guests party you and your new spouse can have a quiet and romantic meal on the beach to celebrate your future together.


Perhaps the most unique part of this hotel is the sheer number of activities available. Thank the amazingly perfect beach that gives you snorkeling, fishing, relaxing by the beach and even tennis or other sports for those with too much energy. This is a great hotel for those with an active and energetic guest list who likes to get out and have fun.

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photo credit: pchalasani via photopin cc

Puerto Vallarta: Romance With Stunning Bay and Mountain Views

Puerto Vallarta is situated along the Pacific Ocean with gorgeous bay and mountain views. Unlike Cabo or Cancun, Puerto Vallarta feels much more traditional. It still exudes that local city charm, with its old town buildings and the look of what you would picture to be a Mexican city. Boardwalks and local artisans still craft sculptures outside small stores.

Just like the other locations, you can count on the beaches to provide lots of options for your active guests. Whether snorkeling, diving or watching dolphins, being on the water is definitely a must in Puerto Vallarta. In the nearby tropical jungle, you can also try more adventurous outings, like bungee jumping and zip lining through the forest canopy. It has the look of a small town, but the feel of a big city after dark. The town lights up at night and becomes filled with fireworks shows and cultural performances. Fun little bars and restaurants can be found all over the place, everything from smaller bohemian spots, energetic piano bars and jazz and salsa places that rock till the late hours. Of course, if you have rowdy guests then it is easy to find a proper club too.

Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta

Located on the golden sand beaches of the Pacific coast this vibrant and energetic hotel reminds us of Miami beach. With all the cool and swagger that comes with having one of the swankiest hotels in one of the most happening places in Mexico. Secrets Vallarta Bay Puerto Vallarta offers 271 luxurious guest suites, each featuring a king-size bed, marble floors, full bathroom and a private terrace or balcony. Not that you will spend much time in your room when your guests are out on the water on jet skis or by the pool having a classic Mexican margarita.


If five restaurants isn’t enough for you and your guests, you can also walk to the famous El Malecón boardwalk where there is access to all the entertainment, nightlife and restaurants anybody could ever want. This vibrant oceanfront resort is perfect for those looking for a little glam for their special day.

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