2010 wedding dresses

Although it`s kind of late, let`s talk about how should the wedding dress look in this year. So, browsing and searching for new models revealed some exquisite models which can be taken into consideration by the future brides. In the lines to come we`re going to present some interesting models, very in trend this year…


The first model presented can be found in white-sore or ivory-rose nuances. If you don`t like these colors you may make the dress according to your tastes. It can have fine sleeves or no sleeves. A corsage that ends with a zipper or with laces! In the upper side is very tight to the body and in the down side it simply flows like waves and it has a beautiful rose on one side! The corsage is very sexy, shows the chest in a very pleasant way and it is made of organza with crystal embroideries! The skirt is made of satin and tulle and it has a puffed style, similar to a Cinderella dress!
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Another interesting dress can be described in this way: the basic colors are white-gold or ivory-gold, but you can change this model as well! It is very fluffy and made of satin, tulle and organza with floral embroideries! The upper side is made in a Victorian style; it can be with or without sleeves, or with thin ones! The corsage can ve with zipper or with lace and if you don`t like a trail you can get rid of it! you`ll simply look like a vintage queen in this dress if the model seems nice and you`re willing to buy it!


The next model can be found in white or ivory nuances, it`s an A style dress! You can order it with or without sleeves, or thin ones, the corsage can be with zipper or lace and with or without a trail. The basic materials are satin, tulle, organza and veil! It has nice embroideries around the chest area! If you want to you can have a glittery lace that hangs around your neck instead os sleeves! You can wear a purse with it, and not only with this dress, with all… the purses match perfectly with the dress` model!

The last model can be found with an ivory nuance! It canhave sleeves on the shoulders, you can also fault sleeves, the corsage is with or without lace or zipper and the trail can also be eliminated if you want to. The basic material is satin, it`s a model resembling the princess style dress, it can also have embroideries with floral motifs, made of crystals or lace! If you buy such a dress, you receive a veil and a purse as a gift!


These wonderful wedding dresses are affordable, but if you want it special you can steal the models and you can order a model inspired by these!