Short informal dresses

There are some ladies that love the idea of wearing a short wedding dress in that special day, well good for them because we will suggest you some short informal dresses that you might love from the first moment you place your eyes on the. We like to satisfy all tastes and present several models of wedding dresses in order for everybody to remain pleased.

So, our first model of informal short wedding dress is indeed great looking and it will certainly give you the impression of something really precious and exquisite.

short informal dresses

This dress is of course short and it isn’t that fixed on the body. It is sleeveless and it has a sweetheart neckline. Underneath the breasts there’s a bow detail that will definitely make a great impression. Another thing that we would like to mention is the fact that this dress has nice embroidery on and indeed it’s a wedding dress that most of the modern women would love to wear in their wedding day.
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Here’s another informal wedding dress that indeed will give you the impression that it isn’t created for a wedding day. This dress isn’t fixed on the body, but on the contrary it feels as if you’re not wearing anything. The sleeves of this dress are up to the elbow and these are spliced somewhere in the half side.

short informal dresses2

This model has a waist line created from the same type of fabric as the dress and this line is meant to highlight the shapes of your body. Let’s also mention that this dress has a round neckline and that it has modern touches on it, in order to focus all the attention towards this modern bride and very self confident of her sensuality.

This dress is both informal and vintage. Just think of your body that will dress with this type of dress. How is it going to look? We will offer you the answer: just great! This dress has short sleeves and a really nice neckline. Let’s also mention that there is no cleavage and also that there are some really nice details on the bodice. The skirt begins from the waist line into nice and multiple layer of embroidered and transparent material. This dress goes over the knees and it’s indeed a really nice model that you would definitely love to apply for in your wedding day. Isn’t that right?

short informal dresses3

This model is all about modernity and the need of changing something in bride’s life. Here’s another informal short dress that will definitely catch your eyes from the first moment. This model is realized in white embroidered fabric and on the margins: the border of the skirt, the straps and on the back cleavage there are some ruffled details. Let’s also mention that this dress has the back side empty in order to show the beautiful sides of your young body.

short informal dresses4