Choosing the wedding dress accordingly to height and hair length

As a future bride you may have thought of a model of wedding dress, but do you really know that that particular model and cut advantages you perfectly? Well, from now on you’ll know just what kind of model suits you the most because in this topic we’re going to give some suggestions referring to your body shapes, height and so on….

choosing the wedding dress accordingly to height and hair length2

So read the following piece of advice with attention and you’ll definitely know on what to highlight and not when it comes to your wedding dress. Let’s also not forget that you need to look perfect in your wedding day and this information needs to be known pretty well….
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Accordingly to the height here are our suggestions…. If you’re a mignon lady then you can apply for a dress that is pretty tight near the waist area and also the skirt of the dress should start somewhere under the thighs, such a model will make you look taller and thinner and the mermaid type dresses are also ok and make you look great! Avoid those fairy tale gowns, because they make you look disproportionate. You can apply also for an A style dress or an empire one, surely these are the one especially designed for your category of height.

The next model we want to specify about regards those future brides that have medium height. For this segment every type of dress is ok, but you need to take into consideration the type of silhouette you posses, the volume of the bust, shoulders and thighs. All these elements are important and you need to pick a dress that doesn’t seem to fit on you if you’re a little chubby, because you’ll seem as if you don’t feel comfortable in it….

For the tall brides you can pick an empire dress that has A shape or even a fairy tale gown as we did present in so many topics up to this moment. If you’re really thin you should avoid the mermaid dresses, because this disadvantages you clearly: these make you look taller and thinner and this isn’t quite the effect you wish for.

choosing the wedding dress accordingly to height and hair length

Now, we’re going to take into consideration the length of your hair and this is a really important thing when it comes to picking the appropriate wedding dress. If you have short hair the ideal dresses are those with spaghetti straps, small sleeves or even those that cover your shoulders. Don’t choose dresses that have a high cleavage or embroidery that goes towards the neck, covering it. The necklace and the accessories you choose to wear should be very discrete in order to maintain a certain balance for those that admire you….

For those future brides that have medium hair length the situation is similar to that when we discussed about the height and you should take into consideration the other factors, like you did in the previous case.

For those that have long hair here’s the situation: if you choose to leave you hair on your back in your wedding day than you should choose a deep cleavage and with the shoulders uncovered. In case you decided on a pin up or a loop then you need to clearly apply for a dress that has sleeves or the shoulders covered. In this case don’t pick a fairy tale gown; you should pick a very fixed one, which highlights your body pretty much….