Colored Christina Wu wedding dresses

Christina Wu is among the most popular designers when it comes to wedding dresses and not any types, but really gorgeous ones. That’s why we thought it would be a really great idea to share some of these wedding dresses with you!

So, let’s mention that in the following lines you’re going to read about some amazing wedding dresses that definitely have to be taken into account in the big day. We would like to share with you some colored Christina Wu wedding dresses that are really gorgeous in the same time.

colored Christina Wu wedding dresses

The first model is a strapless wedding dress made in coffee tone! This one has a straight neckline and it’s designed on the body really tight down to the level of the thighs. The waistline is emphasized through the usage of a dark brown layer of fabric. Also, all around the surface of this wedding dress you can observe lots of embroidered details, which seem to go really fine in combination with the other details!
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The other colored Christina Wu wedding dress that we wanted to share with you consists of this princess wedding gown made in A –style and with gorgeous elements. So, we’re speaking about a strapless wedding dress with sweetheart neckline and in the same time it’s charged with lots of gorgeous details. In fact, the wedding dress is white and what colors it are the different embroidered details on the surface of the wedding dress: you can observe these on the bodice, on the breasts vaguely and on the skirt as well. Besides the embroidered areas there are the ruffled details, which you need to know about and can be observed with the clear eye. In the back side of the wedding dress there’s the short train you need to know about. All of these elements combined together create an outstanding visual effect.

colored Christina Wu wedding dresses 2

Here’s a wedding dress that is indeed colored and you can’t miss. So, there’s this strapless wedding dress made in A – style and outstanding details. We’re speaking about a sweetheart neckline that is going to emphasize your gorgeous shapes.

colored Christina Wu wedding dresses 3

Another thing that we need to mention about this wedding dress is the fact that you can observe the embroidery on the corset, which are going to make you look really nice. As for the skirt, it has ruffled details on the surface of the skirt here and there and these elements cope into realizing what we name an outstanding Christina Wu wedding dress. Such a model is going to make the difference and in the same time we have to make sure that the brides that want to be different are going to know about such examples!