Ecological wedding dresses

When it comes to the green stuff, the wedding field has always been also “contaminated” if we can say in that way! As you`ve already seen, you can apply the entire theme to your wedding, bringing ecological invitations, testimonies, table cards and the list can go on…. but have you ever thought of the idea of having an ecological dress? Well, surely we`re ipothetically speaking, because being the important day in one`s life, it`s like a brag to wear a dress made of paper, plastic bags, cardboard and so on…


So, here are some funny models that many designers adopted in showing their imaginative side! They took newspapers and formed a corsage, in the down part of the dress they took some plastic material and played with it as to form a puffy skirt! If you make the corsage from newspapers you won`t be able to make any sleeves to it, so leave it in that way! You may play with your imagination and play with your ideas as to reproduce a nice model! It`s not hard at all!

You can make jewelry from corks or metallic things from juice cans! The shoes are hard to reproduce, so you may want to walk around the room without shoes! You can also create a beautiful bouquet made of plastic or mild paper!

If you want a tight corsage you may create it from a piece of cardboard! Make sure you give a great aspect, using paintings and playing with models! This exercise helps you to loosen up and also point what model you really want in your wedding day….

Materials like paper, newspaper, plastic, cardboard or metallic cans aren`t hard to find at all! One can play with these materials and then send them to the waste area! In this way you`ll see how much of your space is occupied by unwanted products….


You can also find goofy ideas with dresses made entirely of laces, type corsage in the upper side and instead of a skirt numerous laces without any fixed material! It may sound crazy, but there are some funky brides that adopted this style of dress and that took guts!

Another piece of work is made of small plastic balls and like the previous idea, placed in the skirt area and the image created is wonderful! Just make sure you don`t have too many children at your wedding, because they will want a ball to play with it!


Putting these jokes aside, there are those extreme ecologists who would want such a dress in their wedding day! It`s not a bag thing, it highlights inventivity and the courage of being different from others, who may consider such an idea, outrageous!