Set of groomsmen wearing socks with different famous paintings

Fun Dress Socks Perfect for a Wedding

Spread a bit of sunshine and happiness around your wedding day but adding a pop of color or too “secretly” to the groomsmen. You may get a peek of a personalized design or a funky pattern, some fun socks can finish off your big day’s ensemble – or the rest of the bridal party’s outfits just right.

Below, you’ll find 12 fun dress socks fit for a wedding day but also fit for the photographs. Let’s have a peek and maybe you can order a set for your groomsmen (or the bridesmaids) to dawn come your time to walk down the aisle.

12 Fun Dress Socks Perfect for a Wedding

Goodfellow Green Dino Dress Socks

Dino dress socks

Buy: Target

Price: $6.99

Dinosaurs are trending so why not use it to the day’s advantage. Add a bit of youthful, kid-inspired spirit to the guys’ ensemble. The peek of green will surely bring in some extra smiles and make for a fun photo op.



Easton Marlow Patterned Socks (6pk)

patterned dress socks

Buy: Amazon

Price: $21.99

You can buy the entire groomsmen party a pair of socks within this pack. Add some color to their duds with these patterned designs! Everyone can take their peek and have a design that matched their personality.

Storm Trooper Star Wars Socks

Buy: boldSOCKS

Price: $16

Perfect for those that are paying a small homage to the Star Wars theme or maybe the groom just really, really loves the world of Luke Skywalker and Yoda, whatever the case, these socks rule. Dress your own Storm Troopers up for the big day with a subtle nod to one of the best trilogies..


Donuts Socks

donuts dress socks for men

Buy: Sock Drawer

Price: $10

Donuts make everyone happy and these designs, in particular, are infused with extra bouts of happiness and retro vibes. Your men can be decked out in crisp black tuxes and still rock a pair of these under their trousers for an interesting flair.





Nevermore Edgar Allan Poe Socks

nevermore Edgar allen poe dress socks

Buy: Mod Sock

Price: $11

You can even find socks that pay home to your favorite authors, stories, and even poets. These Edgar Allan Poe socks hint at the love of Evermore and send off some cozy, fall vibes as well. They’re such a fun addition to someone’s collection and to the day’s look!



Big Dot Socks

Big Dot Socks

Buy: Happy Socks

Price: $14

Big polka dots could be the answer. These socks fit slyly into a formal outfit with ease but with just the right amount of color to make the look interesting. All the men can rock these elegantly and have a little bit of fun in photos as well.





Champagne Bottles Socks

champagne dress socks

Buy: Hot Sox

Price: $12

It’s a time to celebrate, so why not have some extra champagne on hand. Even they’re on your socks, it’s still a great way to add some extra festivity into the big day! These are fitting for the groom too, in our opinion.



Michelangelo’s David Socks

Michelangelo’s David Socks

Buy: Joy of Socks

Price: $12

Yes, there’s even socks you can find that pay homage to our favorite pieces of art. We found The Girl with the Pearl Earring, The Scream, and even Michelangelo’s David sculpture right on some cozy socks! Your dudes will love them!



Shark Attack Socks

shark attack socks

Buy: Shark Smith

Price: $10

Your gals can rock them too. If you’ve decided to dress your ladies in pretty dresses but allow them to wear some keds or converse, these cuties can peek out for pictures too. Sharks are really in right now, so take advantage!





Rocket Ship Socks

rocket ship socks


Price: $15

Fly me to the moon, let me play among the stars… Frank would definitely love these socks. Again, these are subtle enough to blend in nicely with a formal tuxedo but also personalized enough to infuse some fun into the day!






Star Spangled Banner Socks

american flag dress socks

Buy: Yo Sox

Price: $12

Maybe you want to show off some American spirit during the big day – especially if you’re getting married on Memorial Day or July 4th weekend! If so, take that pride and infuse it into the day’s look! These socks are American perfection.



Spooky Halloween Socks

spooky halloween socks

Buy: Soxy

Price: $12

And finally, we are loving these Halloween-inspired Socks. Not only are they perfect for those saying their “I do’s” near the holiday but it inspires us to pick socks that do coincide with the season we’ve chosen to wed in!