Informal wedding dress

We name informal dresses those that have a model and cut that’s put of ordinary and you don’t see all the brides dressed in such models. Also, when you wear such a dress the basic idea is to be different from the others and not to be in the clichés and it’s a good idea as long as you don’t adopt too extravagant models that don’t advantage you at all and so on….

informal wedding dress

The first informal wedding dress that we want to mention about is indeed a special model, because you can see these types of cuts and shapes on dresses that are worn at parties, cocktails or different social events. This dress is A shaped and it’s made entirely of white satin or silk. The dress is tight on the upper side of the body and continuing on the thighs.
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This dress has a V neckline that continues in the back with two straps that unite into creating an X shape on the back of the body. Also, in the middle of the X there is attached a big piece of fabric, which creates a wonderful looking trail and this trail isn’t that long!

The next model of informal dress is made baby doll model with the specific neckline. This dress is short, above the knees and it is realized in great looking lace embroidery on its entire surface. It’s a simple model, exquisite that denotes simplicity and also it can’t be considered indecent, because it covers only the legs and the cleavage isn’t deep or something like that!

informal wedding dress2

This one is nice too: it goes mermaid model and it’s tight on the body and somewhere under the thighs area begins a layer with ruffled material. As mentioned previously this dress is really tight on the upper side of the body and it goes really great with the other elements. There are some bows details in the middle of the upper side of the dress and also let’s not forget about the ruffled area that looks so amazing.

informal wedding dress3

The neckline is straight and it uncovers a big surface: the shoulders together with the neck, elements that permit you to adopt interesting models of pieces of jewelry. Also, you can adopt a pair of refined gloves, made of transparent material.

The last informal wedding dress that we want to talk about is made entirely of lace, which is floral lace embroidery…. This dress is really short and it has long sleeves and a V neckline. A great looking model that can be worn in another occasion because its dimension: it can be worn with a pair of jeans in a special meeting or with leggings as well.

informal wedding dress4

Over it you can wear a “bolero” or a “poncho”, we don’t know how to call it and this is made from transparent fabric, maybe taffeta or something really smooth. All these elements go really great together and you can be sure that you’ll look wonderful in such a dress, as long as you have the appropriate shapes and weight!