Informal short wedding dress 2

We’re sure that you’ve enjoyed our topic concerning our informal short wedding dresses and that’s why we decided to continue with this subject in order to offer you as many examples as possible. So we’re back and we start directly with presenting such a dress….

So the first suggestion for such a dress is made of a double layer of fabrics: there’s one type of fabric on the interior, which is embroidered and that used on the exterior is transparent and it creates a really nice visual impression. Another thing that needs to be mentioned is the fact that this dress has thin sleeveless and a really good looking cleavage in the front side. It’s indeed a simple and secy model in the same time.

informal short wedding dress 2

This dress is indeed short and we just can’t imagine what bride could have the guts of wearing such a model. This informal short wedding dress is composed of a fixed corset on the body and a ruffled skirt, made of multiple layers of fabric. The corset is sleeveless and it has a sweetheart neckline. The dress ends in the back side with a long train and this can be the only element that may indicate that this is part of a wedding dress.

informal short wedding dress 22

Here are some other two examples of wedding dresses, informal short. The first suggestion is a sleeveless dress with a sweetheart neckline and a ruffled skirt beginning exactly underneath the breasts. Also, on the waist line you can observe a black detail realized from a black ribbon, which ends tied in the front side in a bow.
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Similar to the precedent wedding dress model is another one that is also sleeveless and it has a straight neckline. The breasts are highlighted with the help of a rough fabric used there. Underneath the breasts begins the skirt, which is realized from ruffled fabric in multiple layers in order to create the impression of a puffed skirt. Let’s also mention that in the last two dresses the basic fabric used is tulle and it looks simply wonderful, don’t you think so?

informal short wedding dress 23

Another nice model of informal short wedding dress would be this one: a sleeveless dress and fixed on the body made of satin; let’s also mention that somewhere in the thighs area and in the right side there’s a ruffled area made of a rougher type of fabric and this is what gives the great impression concerning this dress.

informal short wedding dress 24

Let’s not forget to specify that this dress has a straight neckline and it will highlight your beautiful shoulders and your face. You’re going to look simply divine in such a piece of clothing: it’s simple and minimalistic and in the same time it denotes sensuality and you wear it in your wedding day!