Venus wedding dresses that you will adore

Being sure that you’ve enjoyed reading about our Venus wedding dresses examples, we decided to continue with this subject and bring you some other interesting looking models. Indeed, we tried to create a great range of such products and we hope that you enjoy the idea of wearing one if these in your wedding day.

We start with a Venus wedding dress that is sleeveless and adopts in a certain way the mermaid style. This dress has sweetheart neckline and embroidered details on the chest.

venus wedding dresses 4

Also, it’s really tight on the bodice down to the thighs and it continues with nice looking plisses towards the ground and a nice looking train in the back side. It’s a sexy looking dress, but in the same time it’s not that daring!
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We continue with another Venus wedding dress, of course! This dress is made of embroidered fabric and it goes really great on the body. It has a sweetheart neckline and it goes really nice on the body, continuing in the back side with a nice train. Also, let’s mention that it has spaghetti straps and the breasts are definitely delimited from the rest of the body of the dress through a vague line.

venus wedding dresses 4 2

Another model that denotes simplicity and it has a great look in the same time has to be this one: it’s made of silk and it has a deep cleavage with spaghetti straps with embroidery on. Let’s also mention that this dress isn’t that tight on the body and that in fact it shows the body really vaguely; the back side it continues with a short train and let’s admit that it’s a refined Venus wedding dress that has something special-like the other models as well.

venus wedding dresses 4 3

There are some ladies that are more into the pompous style and for this category there are dresses like this one: made entirely of ruffled and tiered parts. This golden wedding dress has a straight cleavage, halter spaghetti straps and a long train in the back. In the upper side, the dress is composed of tiered parts and the skirt is made of multiple layers of ruffled areas. Indeed quite a great looking model if you’re a more extravagant person and who isn’t for the classical and simply stuff.

venus wedding dresses 4 4

The last Venus wedding dress that we want to suggest is made in white and red tones! This dress has a straight cleavage and a great amount of red floral embroidery on it (in fact, this was the red color that we were mentioning about previously). The border of this dress is delimited by a hot and spicy red line of shiny fabric from which start nice looking floral embroidery.

venus wedding dresses 4 5

Underneath the breasts there are two lines that unite and create a V line and from this V line starts another layer of floral embroidery in red.