Wedding dress history

In several of our reviews we’ve shared with you numerous models of wedding dresses and not only…. We’ve mentioned their details and the fabric from which they’re made of. We stopped for a second and realized the fact that not only for a moment did we resume the history of the wedding dress, generally and we didn’t mention some things about how it became a must have and a piece of clothing without which one can’t realize a wedding.

The wedding gown or the wedding dress is that particular piece of clothing, which is worn by the bride during the wedding ceremony. The color and the style as well as the wedding dress design differ from a culture to another, from a personal taste to the other.


The weddings immediately after the Middle Age period weren’t just a union that was done between people. It was a ceremony that tied two families, two countries or even two businesses – as we like to call them weddings with interest.
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Weddings with a particular goal were done between nobility people and higher social classes. Also, the brides were expected to place on them a dress that would make their families proud and in a favorable light. The brides who were part of rich families usually wore their gown in rich colors and from the finest fabrics. Also, the wedding dress design was exquisite and they definitely made the difference. The most common fabric that was used was velvet and silk and also the colors that were used were bright and let’s not forget to add about the layers of fur, which were really important for their wedding dresses.

Throughout the time, the brides used to wear wedding dresses that were favorable to them from the point of view of the social status – they wore only what was in trend and made in the finest fabrics, money wasn’t an issue.

On the other hand, the poor ones used to wear their best church dresses in the day of their wedding. What a contrast, see?

The most important issue concerning the wedding dress design in those days was related to the quantity of fabric engaged in the wedding gown and this was like a reflection of the social status of the bride, which indicated the family of the bride’s wealth.

Nowadays, the situation has changed almost entirely, due to the fact that there’s a big range of possibilities from which you can apply for. Even the poorest bride can buy herself a nice wedding dress and without spending a big sum of money. Also, there are lots of discounts and offers for which our nowadays brides can apply for.

The wedding dress design depends on the personal taste of today’s bride, the message she wants to transmit, as well as the wedding theme that she has applied for.