Wedding dresses with straps 2

We think that the previous examples of wedding dresses with straps didn’t seem enough to you and here’s how we decided to continue with some other examples in order for your to make a general idea and see for what exact models you can apply for in your wedding day. We’re certain that you already like the idea of applying for one of the models suggested here and it’s definitely a good idea to take them into consideration because they’re really gorgeous looking in the same time.

So, we start with a wedding dress with straps that is realized in a gorgeous manner and we’re certain that you’re going to love it pretty much. This one has a sweetheart neckline and it’s designed in A-line.

wedding dresses with straps 2

Let’s also mention that you can observe just how fine the breasts are highlighted due to the rich cleavage, another thing that we have to mention about relates to the waistline which is realized by an embroidered portion and you can observe the same type of embroidery on the straps as well.
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So, the skirt is realized in A-line and it’s simply flowing on the body due to the fabric that is used. We’re certain that you’re going to love applying for such a model in your wedding day! In the back side, this dress is conceived in a very interesting manner as well, it has a V-cleavage that will highlight your fresh and young back and this is a symbol of being sexy for sure!

wedding dresses with straps 2 2

The other model that we thought it would be a really interesting example is definitely this one that seems to have at the basis the mermaid wedding dresses as source of inspiration. So, this one is conceived with a straight neckline and you can observe just how great all its elements cope together. Let’s also mention that this one is tight on the body down to the knees and from the knees you can observe the proper skirt that is conceived from satin and it continues in the back side with a short train.

wedding dresses with straps 2 3

wedding dresses with straps 2 4

On the rest of the dress you can observe embroidered areas that go really fine in combination with the other details. Let’s also mention about the spaghetti straps that make you look really sexy and they are observed finely on your shoulders. In the back side this dress has a lace closure and we’re certain that all these elements seem quite interesting to you. How about that? Do you consider this wedding dress pretty interesting enough? Well, it should be, as well as the other and we definitely push you to apply for one of these!