What are artisan or lab grown diamonds?

What are ‘artisan’ or ‘lab-grown’ diamonds?

You may have heard the terms “artisan” or “lab grown” diamonds thrown around a few times. You may have seen them advertised or displayed on a small panel inside your favorite jeweler’s case. And you may have a question or two about what they are exactly. Are they fake? Do they count as real diamonds? What are the differences?

What are “artisan” or “lab grown diamonds?

There seems to be a small debate around the world of bridal jewelry that tells you lab grown diamonds are not real but if you do a bit of research you will quickly find out why that’s actually, totally, and completely false. Natural diamonds and lab grown – or “artisan” – diamonds are the same including their chemical properties. These properties are so similar that even a veteran jeweler would have a hard time telling them apart based on their physicalities alone.

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Lab grown diamonds and natural diamonds are both formed by a geological process that can be reproduced, well, in a lab with high temperatures and high pressures. Although man-made, they have the same chemical composition and structures that you would find in a natural setting.

According to Brilliant Earth, “These man made diamonds consist of actual carbon atoms arranged in the characteristic diamond crystal structure.” Because of these facts, there’s no need to call these artisan formations “ fake” by any means.

Now, cubic zirconia is an entirely different story, but we digress. The true difference between a lab grown diamond and an organic diamond is their birth story.

Why should you buy a lab-grown diamond?

There are several reasons why buying a “lab-grown” or “artisan” diamond may be the right choice for you. We have already debunked their fakeness; these are real diamonds! But why else might you want to start your search in the realm of man-created gems?


When buying a lab-grown diamond, you will always know the origin. There will be no guilt in wondering how you ended up with the gem you have; “blood diamonds” aren’t synonymous with artisan creations.

It is popular knowledge that the diamond mining industry has been known to be a source of child labor practices, low wages, poor working conditions, and have funded rebellions and wars throughout Africa. Instead, you become the proud owner of an ethically-sourced diamond.

Better Price Value

Even though lab-grown diamonds are the real deal, you will still spend less than you would on its natural counterpart. And inevitably, this only means that for the same amount of money, you can purchase a bigger and better quality diamond. Artisan diamonds can be up to 40% less expensive while upgrading the color, clarity, cut, and size.

Fool-Proof Aesthetic

Adding on to our latest point, a lab-grown diamond cannot be spotted with a naked eye. Even veteran gemologists can have a difficult time pointing out any true, aesthetic difference. In fact, the only true difference is that a lab-grown diamond may have a small, laser inscription included on it.

These labels are microscopic though and would need equipment to ever be seen. And if that’s the case, paired with the fact that these gems carry the same chemical and structural makeup as a mined diamond, why wouldn’t you want to at least see what your options are?


Although it takes a lot of energy to create a diamond – no matter if it’s by Mother Nature’s hand or in the lab – it actually takes less energy to do it in a man-made way. This means it’s a more eco-friendly practice and sustainable for our environment.

As we know, mining itself is not the best business for the labourers themselves, but it’s also negatively impactful on our environment. Essentially, mines have become man-made holes in our Earth and those holes become bigger the more miners sift through the dirt to find your perfect 2-carat diamond.

The Final Breakdown: Pros & Cons of Going ‘Artisan’

There are a few things to consider when going to purchase a diamond. And one of them will end up being whether you want a natural diamond or an artisan design. Now that we have nixed the myth that lab-created gems are fake, you can move on to make a better shopping decision and feel good about your personal preference.

Grown ethically, there are no “blood diamonds” included in an artisan creation. It’s also the better option for your budget, because, as we divulged previously, these diamonds can be 20-40% less than their mined counterparts.

This means you can inevitably end up with a bigger and better diamond, for the same budget as a smaller, natural diamond. When in doubt talk with your partner and come up with a decision that feels right for you both.


  • Ethically-sourced
  • Eco-friendly
  • Better price point
  • Authentic diamonds
  • Aesthetically similar


  • Can be seen as taboo
  • One-of-a-kind isn’t really a thing
  • A lot of energy is used in creation
  • Jobs are taken away from mining communities

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