Ideas for comestible wedding favors

The wedding favors are between the most important wedding accessories that can be encountered in such a ceremony and in most of the cases these are seen as the gifts offered to the guests. Well, they are tokens of appreciation that are offered to the ones participating at the wedding.
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Some couples prefer realizing their wedding favors custom made and design these accordingly to their personality offering them to the guests as to be sure that they will never be forgotten! Some may like the idea of designing their wedding favors comestible and being enjoyed or not by the wedding guests.

The wedding favors are the right way of saying “thanks” to the wedding guests that they were close to you in the most important moment of your life. Why get complicated with an object that isn’t friendly with your pocket and which has the probability of not being liked by the one receiving it? You might as well pick something that can be easily devoured and eaten by the one attending your wedding ceremony.

Brownies as wedding accessories

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Comestible wedding favors

Such a desert can be easily personalized and you can leave it for the wedding guests to choose it. You can use colors that are appropriate with the theme of your wedding and the aromas that you consider as being appropriate.

Place these wedding favors on the tables next to cardboard boxes that have your monogram on them and let your wedding guests choose their gift.

How about some honey in jars?

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Wedding favors

Honey or jam is ideal gifts that no one can refuse. In addition, they also look really interesting. Fill small jars with your favorite jam or even with honey and then customize your jar as you wish. You can place on top a piece of colored fabric and an interesting label and so, you can adapt it accordingly to the entire event.

Coffee as wedding favors

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Wedding favors

The perfect gift for every adult is coffee, which is extremely appreciated by the ones attending your wedding. Place aromatic coffee beans in small boxes or even in small colored bags that are made of paper and you do this accordingly to your favorite aromas. Wrap them all around with a colored ribbon or a thick lace and offer them in a wedding that has rustic background or theme or in one that is really chic.

Chocolate as wedding favors

Well, we know just know that no desert can be compared with the classic and really appreciated chocolate bonbons. If you love chocolate and this delicatessen you can share it with your wedding guests. Pick the aroma that is the most suitable with your personality and custom made the wrapping. You can place all around the chocolate bon bon a picture of you two or you can create a special design with the colors that are the most representative for the two of you.

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Wedding favors

From the comestible wedding favors, we would like to go to other examples that can turn out to be useful when it comes to picking the right wedding accessories for being offered to the guests.

We were thinking of traditional ones

Also, this type can also be considered comestible and it is to be eaten, you choose if you consume it or not. There is a reason why almonds are the quintessence of a wedding favor, due to the fact that they are placed back in tradition and if you attach a small detail that recalls the wedding guests of your names, then we’re speaking of a complete wedding favors. The glazed almonds recall of the life in couple, which can be sweet or bitter sometimes.

The colors of the wedding accessories

No matter on what type of wedding favors you decide to make up your mind finally, you have to choose the packages that are most appropriate for being used in the entire color palette of your event. These have to look great and be placed on the table next to the other pieces of décor. Go in a specialized store and choose the type of ribbon you want to wrap your packages and personalize every box with a sticky monogram.

The double identity of wedding favors

Offer the objects given to the guests multiple functions – transform the wedding favors in wedding stationeries. From lollipops, to Christmas ornaments, stick also the name of the wedding guest and so, you will get rid of this technical detail. Some other ideas that concern such wedding favors are the apples on the stem of which you can tie the name, the tags for luggage or wine bottles in miniature on the label of which you can place the name of the attendants.