Ordinary objects used as favors

Some time ago we’ve presented you some models of favors that had different themes. Now we’re going to present them randomly and maybe you’ll consider taking these tiny objects and offering them as a little token of appreciation for the people that attended your wedding.

ordinary objects used as favors

So we start with a small favor that has the shape of a present. This is quite practical, because it can have two functions: one is to hold candy and the other to simply be a candle. For instance you can have a cardboard box with a ribbon on the exterior just like an ordinary present or a small candle that’s made of wax, of course and that can be lit.
These tiny boxes can be normal with that square shape or it can have the shape of a heart.
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We continue with other great looking objects and this time we’re speaking of a candle that has the shape of an apple. This apple is really red and it’s made of wax and instead of that strain it has the fuse that is going to be lit. You can simply place this apple in the middle of a plate just the way it is or you can put it in a transparent plastic box with a nicely looking ribbon on the exterior side.

Also you can think of a normal candle support that’s made of glass and that has an apple on the exterior side and a normal ordinary candle in the inside.

ordinary objects used as favors2

And speaking of candle supports let’s take into consideration vintage looking such supports that are made from glass. These accessories are made of glass with a white touch and there are some nice patterns on it. You can leave these just the way they are and with the candle inside or you can put them in a transparent plastic box with a ribbon that matches in color with the motifs used on the glass or candle support.

ordinary objects used as favors3

The last example regards nice looking glasses, really tiny that can be used as favors. These can be champagne, cocktail glasses made of transparent material and these can have nice patterns and motifs on them, depending on your tastes…. For instance, you can choose a martini glass made of shiny glass and fill it with colored candy and put also a ribbon on the top with a cardboard that contains your guests’ names and your thankful thoughts.

ordinary objects used as favors4

As you can see there are so many examples of objects, ordinary objects that can be used as favors and these look exquisitely too. Come to think of it, these aren’t expensive at all and you should take them into consideration, because it will help your entire budget pretty much.