Unique wedding favors that are based on flower ideas

Next to the wedding invitations, the wedding favors remain essential objects in such a ceremony, because they resemble perfectly your tastes and they emphasize perfectly the style that you apply for. Lately couples tend to personalize the wedding favors and the objects that they use are perfectly useful for the guests or something that is long lasting and recalls the attendants of the bride and groom.

wedding favors that are based on flower ideasCredit
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wedding favors that are based on flower ideasCredit
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We have taken into account several examples of wedding favors that consist of flowers! Flowers are so beautiful and believe us that they will totally make the difference when it comes to the small objects that you offer to the guests.
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So, we would like to offer some suggestions of wedding favors that make the difference and that have at the basis flowers.

First of all, we were thinking of a small album, similar to the one that you use to do when you were a little child at school, consisting of pressed flowers. You can choose different types of flower blossoms and press them, placing these after in this album.

Leis seem to be also an appropriate idea for being used as a wedding favor, as long as it’s fresh! Offer each guest such a fresh flower and you’ll see that they will be totally enchanted by your idea.

Some small pots filled with your favorite herbs or plants seem to be an enchanting idea as well. Also, attach a card with the name of your guests, in order to know for sure to whom are you offering these to.

There’s also the idea with the small bags that contain different seeds in them. Such wedding favors are believed to bring prosperity and good luck and we sincerely recommend these to you totally! Like in the case of the terra cotta pots, you need to attach a name card and you’ll see that the final effect is definitely the one you have been expected to be.

Still remaining at this level, we would also love to recommend you to offer the wedding guests bulbs that will totally seem a great idea and you should place them in boxes with a ribbon and a card attached! In this way the wedding guests will totally remember you for a long while….

These being said, we totally push you to apply for wedding favors that make the difference and these based on flowers ought to do the job perfectly.