Wedding favors

Gradually we’ve mentioned more and more things about wedding favors, but we didn’t seem to make a review over these essential components for weddings. Before mentioning some of the most common wedding favors used during this important event, let’s start with mentioning some ideas concerning the way in which these are seen and observed throughout the world.
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What are wedding favors? Here’s a brief history of the wedding favors….

First of all, you have to know that these are small gifts which are given by the bride and groom to the guests as a symbol of gratitude during a wedding reception or a wedding ceremony.

wedding favors

Wedding favors

This particular custom has its roots somewhere back in time, these wedding favors were offered for the first time by European aristocrats and among them and the usual object was a bonbonniere. This word is taken from French and it denotes a small box made of porcelain or crystals with different applications, which usually contained sugar cubes or different other sweets and it was a symbol of wealth and royalty. In this particular period sugar was considered a luxury, because it was really expensive. As soon as the price “declined”, so did the interior of the bonbonniere changed.

The sugar was replaced with almonds and they became more and more popular throughout the time as they seemed to be a symbol of the bridegroom’s new life. Even in our days we observe lots of couples who use as wedding favors, almonds placed in different colored boxes.

The next level of wedding favors consisted in almonds covered with sugar and they were also known as confetti and finally being switched with sugared almonds and these evolved in our days wedding favors.

Wedding favors

Wedding favors

Here’s the tradition for the wedding favors: usually five almonds are put in a cute looking box or wrapped in a nice piece of fabric and each of the almonds represent wealth, health, happiness, fertility and longevity.

Depending on the personal tastes of your days’ bride and groom the wedding favors that they apply for are usually personalized or some maintain the classical line with the traditions that were mentioned previously.

No matter what message you want to transmit through the wedding favors, the main idea is that you don’t make a pick that is simply parallel with the wedding themes or we don’t know what. For example, if you have a wedding that takes place during the winter season and you’ve adapted some of the winter details to your wedding it would really be appropriate that the wedding favors are related to the details that surround the wedding, like making the components of the wedding favor box in white or with snowflake details.

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