Porcelain wedding favors

A fresh trend relates to wedding favors, which seem to get more and more inventive and you definitely have where to choose from when it comes to the models…. In fact, we picked some interesting models that need to be taken into account and it would be a real pity if you didn’t, because there are all the reasons in this world to take them into consideration.

So, we start with the first suggestion of wedding favor that is made of porcelain- because all the models suggested up to this moment are made of porcelain and they’re really cute in the same time.

porcelain wedding favors

These porcelain wedding favors are made in shape of hearts and with all kinds of nice embroidery on, let’s also add that they have gorgeous looking patterns on them and in one side of them you can observe a bow detail realized with the help of a ribbon. Quite some interesting details if you ask us and we totally recommend you to take them into account- also, you can apply for engraving details and dates in order to make the imagery complete.
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The next porcelain wedding favor is conceived in a gorgeous manner as well. It takes the shape of sweets and it’s also made of this particular type of material. Let’s also add that these small details are placed in a transparent box for you to admire the gift that you received and as last detail there’s this ribbon to which you attach a spoon to make the visual effect complete.

porcelain wedding favors 2

We’ve got some other examples that definitely need to be taken into account and it’s a real pity if you don’t apply for them. Were speaking about some funny cups that can be used as wedding favors and this is done in a successful manner…. You can find these cups on the market, but in the same time you can also personalize them with a special message or something like that- the effect is guaranteed!

porcelain wedding favors 3

You can apply for offering one cup to your guests and maybe attach a ribbon to make it complete. Sounds pretty interesting if you ask us and it’s a pity if you don’t take these into account. Also, let’s add that you can make a special bag with a special message that is in coordination with the one you’ve placed on the cups.

You know very well the message and composition “two peas in a pod”. Well, how about taking it into account for your wedding? We don’t see any bad things in doing this thing. We’re thinking of the porcelain option of these peas and these can be placed in a small box and with a ribbon on top, which ends tied up in a bow. Indeed, gorgeous elements that cope great together….

porcelain wedding favors 4

We think that the examples shared with you up to this moment seem enough and that in the future you’re going to have some other more from where you can choose and we’re sure you’re going to love them as well.